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Minutes for January 03, 2007

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  • Welcome
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Call to order
    • President Rebecca Owens called to order the regular meeting of the Texas Tech University Staff Senate at 3:05 PM on January 3, 2007 in Student Union Building – Senate Room.
  • Roll Call
    • Secretary Jaclyn Byrd conducted roll call.
    • The following senators were present: Arguello, Blackmon, Burrell, Byrd, Carrillo, Chaffin-Poeling, Davis, Dudley, Elkins, Gellner, Gregston, Harris, Hunter, Hurtado, Jury, Kenady, Kiser, McArthur, Mc Donald, Nail. Nela, Nordstrom, Owens, Perry, Rogers, Scheckel, Stahmer, Veal, Vega, White.
    • The following senators were absent: Allsup, Boren, Ceja, Coronado, Cullers, Davila, Epperson, Findley, Glass, Kawecki, Loper, Perkins, Rando, Roulain, Shuping, Smith, Stracener, Tunnell, Yeates. The following guests were present: Mary Jane Hurst, Faculty Advisor to the President, Nathanael Haddox, Staff Ombudsman.
  • Administrative Business
    • Announcements of Family Deaths – Senator Perkins and Senator Rando have suffered recent deaths in their families. The staff Senate will be sending condolence gifts.
    • Swear in New Senators – Senators Joe Stahmer (Professional) and Mary Harris (Service)
    • Approval of November Minutes – Motion to approve the November minutes was made by Senator Arguello and seconded by Senator Perry.
    • Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Davis presented the January account balance.
      • $6,178 was spent on the Meet and Greet in November.
      • $1,932 was spent on the Meet and greet and on promotional items in December.
      • $11,000 in estimated expected expenses.
      • $17,000 left in the budget.
      • $6,000 available for the miscellaneous charges.
    • Motion to approve the November minutes was made by Senator Veal and seconded by Senator Arguello.
    • Presidential Series (Mary Jane Hurst).
      • A Tech Announce is being sent with the information for the Spring semester.
        • Engaging young readers: A festival of authors and ideas
        • February 16-17, 8am- 4pm, College of Education
        • John Churchill on the values of a Liberal Arts Education
        • April 11, 2007, 4pm, Allen Theatre
        • A Night at the Opera
        • April 22, 2007, 7:30pm, Allen Theatre
        • Chris Gardner on “Happyness”
        • April 26, 2007, 2pm, Rawls College of Business
  • Invited Guest Speakers
    • Banner Implementation Status
    • Kay Rhodes – CIO for TTU System
      • Not a point for staff training sessions
      • Estimate “go-live” dates of October 07 for student and February 08 for Financial, however; that may shift depending on coding dependencies.
      • Staff is currently focused on reporting and external interfaces.
      • More information is at www.texastech.edu/connectech
      • Email Kay Rhodes or Linda Ricks with more questions
    • Dale Ganus – Associate Director for Admissions for TTU
      • Training for staff is continuing
      • Aiming for 98% accurate information input into the new system
      • Address problems are being cleared up.
      • Academic history back to 1983 is being transferred.
    • Thom Davis – Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs
      • Finance is 1/3 completed with training.
      • HR training has just started.
      • New account structure will be implemented called FOAPAL ( fund, org, account, program, activity, location)
      • Rebuilding will start in March and end in September
    • Other Topics
      • SSN will still be stored in the Banner System but a new Banner ID will be randomly assigned to individuals.
      • ODE will probably continue to use C2K even though Banner has a Distance Education module because of the public school.
      • A new imaging system called Extender is being put into place in calendar year 2007.
      • A portal environment as a “single door to TTU Services” is being created.
  • Committee Reports
    • President’s Report
      • Staff Recognition Committee – clarification
      • Fall Break – 2nd week in October for 1 day (Friday). Administration will have an assessment phase after to determine success.
      • Space – still waiting on confirmation for space.
      • Meeting Civility – all Senators should treat each other with respect during meeting times and not interrupt speakers.
      • February Speakers – Gil Reeve form Strategic Planning and Gary Smith from Institutional Ethics.
      • Rick Loper – Senator Loper sent a thank you note for the cookie bouquet he received while out on leave due to surgery.
    • Communications/Public Relations(Nail)
      • Meet and Greet – The December meeting was a Meet-and –Greet. It was a great success; although no pictures were taken.
      • Thank you notes to all vendors who supplied door prizes have been sent.
      • 215 lbs of food was donated to the South Plains Food Bank
      • Orientations and Welcome events – January – April Welcome Events are covered. May – July need volunteers.
      • Ronald McDonald House – The Staff Senate will meet tomorrow at 4pm at the Ronald Mc Donald House to help remove Christmas decoration. Estimate time is 1 to 1 ½ hours.
    • Nominations Committee (Byrd)
      • Learning Week Committee – the committee needs two volunteers. Karen Hopkins is chairing the committee.
    • Scholarship(Owens)
      • The spring scholarship deadline is January 26. The application is available online.
    • Child Care Committee (Davis)
      • Senators Chaffin and Nordstrom are serving on the campus Child Care Committee. President Owens is not serving on the committee. The committee will begin meeting soon for the spring semester
    • Salary Committee (Nordstrom).
      • The OP attachment is being reworked. Sending social security numbers via email was discussed. There is some confusion on whether it is okay to send the socials. The committee is collecting data to reflect salary issues and then will issue a report.
  • Adjournment
    • President Owens adjourned the meeting at 4:40 PM.
    • Minutes submitted by: Secretary Jaclyn Byrd
    • Minutes approved by: President Rebecca Owens

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February 7, 2007                                                               January 31, 2007
Senate Room – SUB                                                        Administration Building Room 244
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