Texas Tech University

Minutes for February 7, 2007

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  • Welcome
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Call to order
    • President Rebecca Owens called to order the regular meeting of the Texas Tech University Staff Senate at 3:10 PM on February 7, 2007 in Student Union Building – Senate Room.
  • Roll Call ???
  • Administrative Business
    • Swearing in of New Senator – Senator Jerry Cowen was sworn into office
    • January Minutes – minutes were amended as follows:
      • Committee reports – President’s Report – a – title changed to Staff Recognition Committee and description changed for clarification
      • Committee Reports – PR Committee – a ii – 215 lbs of food was donated
      • Committee Reports – Child Care Committee – Senators Chaffin and Nordstrom are serving in the committee. President Owens is not serving on the committee.
      • Committee Reports – Presidential Series - move this section to announcements.
      • Committee Reports – Salary Committee – add that the committee is collecting data.
    • Accepting the amended minutes was moved by Senator Nail and seconded by Senator Epperson – motion carries.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Davis presented the February account balance.
    • Budgets for the Meet- and- Greets will come from general senate monies instead of PR Committee budget.
    • Shirts for senators vs. name badges – motion made by Senator Byrd and seconded by Senator Kenady to research options to the current shirt more a more flattering cut and lower costs. Motions carries.
    • Accepting the amended report was moved by Senator Nail and seconded by Senator Kiser – motion carries.
  • Invited Guest Speakers
    • Gil Reeve – Director of Strategic Planning
      Gary Smith –
  • Committee Reports
    • President’s Report
      • President Whitmore is continuing to search for space for the Senate.
      • Initial reports on budget from Austin are not good but Whitmore is committed to staff salary increases.
    • Bylaws –???  Need document.
    • Elections (Davis) – no news currently but meetings will begin soon.
    • Public Relations (Nail) – currently focused on newsletter.
    • Issues (Perkins) – New ID cards may have SSN on the bar code. Committee is researching.
    • Scholarships (Dudley) – there are 30 eligible applicants and 20 $300 scholarships to be awarded.
    • University Parking Committee (Perkins) – a UPS representative will be asked to speak at the March meeting to separate fact from fiction concerning new fee increases.
    • Academic Council (Nordstrom) – no news related to staff.
    • Child Care committee (Owens) – still in fact-finding phase to determine what staff wants.
    • Nominations (Byrd) – the following committees are needing members – Technology, Education and Learning, Equity.
  • New Business
    • Two phases for Double Dave’s Pizza were awarded via drawing to senators Carrillo and Jury.
    • New look of eRaider (Dudley) – next Monday the eRaider sign in page will be receiving a new look. Functionality will not be affected.
    • Thank you notes – The senate received than you notes form Tony Rando, Patti Perkins and James H. Smith in recognition of gifts of condolences.
  • Adjournment.
    • President Owens adjourned the meeting at 5:10 PM


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