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Minutes for August 2, 2006

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I. Call to order

President Rebecca Owens called to order the regular meeting of the Texas Tech University Staff Senate at 3:05 PM on August 2, 2006 in Student Union Building - Senate Room.

II. Roll call

Secretary Jaclyn Byrd conducted roll call. The following senators were present: Allsup, Arrguello, Blackmon, Boren, Byrd, Carrillo, Chaffin-Poeling, Cullers, Davis, Dudley, Elkins, Epperson, Gellner, Glass, Hunter, Impson, Jury, Kawecki, Kenady, Kiser, Loper, McDonald, Nail, Neal, Nordstrom, Owens, Perkins, Perry, Rando, Roberson, Rogers, Smith, Stracener, Veal, Vega, White, Yeates The following senators were absent: Burrell, Coronado, Davila, Findley, Hurtado, McArthur, Roulain, Scheckel, Shuping, Tunnell, Wilson. There were no guests present.

III. Administrative Business

  1. Approval of June Minutes - Motion to approve the June minutes was made by Senator Randy Smith and seconded by Senator Rick Loper. There were no corrections and the motion carried.
  2. Approval of July Minutes - Motion to approve the July minutes was made by Senator William McDonald and seconded by Senator Rick Loper. Corrections were requested based on incorrect attendance reported for the following Senators: Allsup, Cullers, Glass, Roberson, Vega and Yeates. Motion carried with amendments.
  3. Roster Issues - Each Senator is requested to update their information. Supervisors name and phone number will be used to contact supervisors by President Owens. Requests for Staff Senate shirts, name badges and mailed minutes can also be made on the form.

IV. Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Crystal Davis submitted that there is currently $3,647.78 in the Staff Senate account. Still outstanding is the payment to the Student Government Association for a memorial brick on the Walk of Honor. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Senator Barbara White and seconded by Senator Tony Rando. Motion carried with no discussion.

V. President's Report

  1. Topic Notebook - President Owens introduced the new Topic Notebook. This notebook will be used by all Senators to record topic ideas for future meetings.
  2. Attendance Requirements - Attendance at all general meetings is encouraged. If a senator shall miss a meeting, please report the absence prior to the meeting to either the President or the Secretary. Each senator shall be allowed to miss five meetings before possible disciplinary actions are to be taken.
  3. Parliamentary Procedures - Roberts' Rules of Order 10th edition will be used to govern Staff Senate meetings.
  4. Monthly Meeting with TTU President Whitmore -President Owens met with President Whitmore and Past President Richard Verrone on July 12, 2006. President Owens will meet again with President Whitmore on August 23, at which time she will review a budget increase request and a space allocation request for the Staff Senate.
  5. Parking for Meetings - President Owens has contacted University Parking Services to determine appropriate parking arrangements for Staff Senators meetings. She has requested special parking arrangements for Staff Senators only if the Faculty Senate currently has such an arrangement.
  6. Visitor Name Badges - Name badges for visitors have been purchased. If you bring a visitor or an alternate to a meeting, please encourage them to wear a name badge.

VI. Committee Assignments and Representatives

  1. Each EEO classification is responsible for assigning one person to serve as the EEO Representative to the Executive Board. These individuals will have voting privileges on the Executive Board and will be required to attend meetings. [Review Attachment A for a list of EEO Representatives.]
  2. Each EEO Classification must also appoint individuals to serve on the Nominations, Elections and Grievance committees. [Review Attachment B for a list of committee representatives.]
  3. Other committee assignments will be made by the nominations committee. Interested Senators should sign the committee request for each committee.

VII. Adjournment

President Owens adjourned the meeting at 4:10 PM.

Minutes submitted by: Secretary Jaclyn Byrd
Minutes approved by: President Rebecca Owens

Next General Meeting
September 6, 2006
Senate Room - SUB
3:00 PM
Next Executive Board Meeting
August 30, 2006
Administration Building Room 244
3:00 PM

Texas Tech University Staff Senate
Meeting Minutes Attachment A

August 2, 2006

EEO Representatives:

Administration - Ron Nail

Clerical - Michael Gellner

Crafts - Steve Allsup

Professional - Mary Elkins

Service - Rick Loper

Technical - Amy Boren

Texas Tech University Staff Senate
Meeting Minutes Attachment B

August 2, 2006

Grievance Committee:
Administration - Judy Hunter
Clerical - Michael Gellner
Crafts - No Representative Elected
Professional - Jessica Carrillo
Service - Rick Loper
Technical - Greta Cullers

Elections Committee:
Administration - Randy Smith
Clerical - Crystal Davis
Crafts - No Representative Elected
Professional - Barbara White
Service - No Representative Elected
Technical - Marcia Kawecki

Nominations Committee:
Administration - Judy Hunter
Clerical - Sammy Arguello
Crafts - No Representative Elected
Professional - Tony Rando
Service - Rick Loper
Technical - Joan Blackmon



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