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Minutes for January 10, 2008

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  • Call To Order:
    • 2007-2008 Staff Senate President, Kathy Nordstrom
      3:03 PM, Kathy Nordstrom, President
  • Officers Present:
    • Kathy Nordstrom, President
      Ron Nail, President Elect
      Michelle Kiser, Treasurer
      Sharon Yeates, Secretary

  • Roll – Call:
    • Administrative EEO: Shannon Crossland, Gary Johnson, Len Markham, Pam Tipton, Ron Nail, Randy Smith
    • Professional EEO:  Michelle Kiser, Tony Rando, Donna Rogers, Ryan Scheckel, Leigh Wilson, Mary Elkins, Marlene Kenady, Carla Cavender, Virginia Downs, David Naugher
    • Clerical EEO:  Margie Ceja, Kathy Nordstrom, Melanie Chaffin-Poeling, Michael Gellner, Linda Gregson, Maria Micaela Vega, Sharon Yeates, Ashley Arenivas, Donna Burt
    • Technical EEO:  Marcia Kawecki, Greta Cullers, Larry Burks, Judy Easterwood, Randal Lacy, Audrey Pekowski, Janie Ramirez
    • Crafts/Trade EEO:  Steve Allsup
    • Service EEO:  Mary Harris, Daniel Perez
    • Senators Sworn In Today:  Frank McInroe, Alicia Marez, Randy Hawkins, Linda Champion, Frances Watson. (All of these are Service EEO).
    • Guests:  Jan Childress, Eileen Nathan, Evelyn McPherson, Alan Korinek, Mary Jane Hurst
  • Absent:
    • Administrative EEO:  Judy Hunter, Linda Jackson, Chris Leisinger, Elizabeth Massengale.
    • Professional EEO:  Deven Patel, Bill McDonald, Patti Perkins, Jessica Carillo, Michael Glass, Janet Veal, Kathy Smith
    • Clerical EEO:  Sammy Arguello, Becky Evans, Tamara Ginter, Dawn Moreno
    • Technical EEO:  John Brocklehurst, Amy Boren
    • Crafts/Trade EEO: Kevin Tunnell, Jerry Cowen
    • Service:  Brad Jury
  • New Senators:
    • The new senators listed in the attendance report were sworn in.  These senators all serve in the Service EEO classification.
  • Pledge:
    • Ron Nail led the senate in the pledge
  • Roll Call
    • November Minutes Tabled
  • Michelle Kiser:
    • Treasurer’s Report approved without objection.
  • Guest Speakers:
    • Dr. Jan Childress, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, and Dr. Eileen Nathan, Director of the Student Counseling Center
      Regarding MentalHealthEdu and how it will assist staff in dealing with disturbed students or employees.
    • The Wellness Center has 13 Ph.D. Psychologists on staff to assist students. The online program MentalHealthEdu consists of 3 Modules. The same company that designed AlcoholEdu, which is mandated for freshmen, designed this online program.
    • The goals of the program are to reduce the stigma associated with mental health, early intervention, retention, and to provide visibility.  It is customized to TTU contact information.
    • Module 1 is designed to help educate people on the status of mental health.  9% of college students report suicidal ideation, 42% report they are too depressed to function.  The three major reasons students seek help are depression, anxiety and relationship issues.
    • Module 2 is designed to help you identify signs of distress such as changes in academic performance, changes in physical appearance, and behavior changes.  It helps you decide when you need to take action, and will help you determine which campus office is appropriate to point the student (or employee) to.
    • Module 3 teaches you how to approach and refer students.
    • This online program should go live early in the semester.
    • Dr. Alan Korinek, of the Employee Assistance Program
    • The EAP is located at the Health Sciences Center, but keeps its files and records separate to provide total confidentiality to employees.
    • The staff is all licensed in Texas.
    • Evening appointments are available Monday through Thursday.
    • They will accept calls if you just need a quick question answered.
    • If you have an issue with a student, please refer to the Student Counseling Center.  If you have an issue with an employee, you can contact the Ombudsman or the EAP.
    • Sessions are limited to 5 sessions per year per employee.  These limits apply to your relatives, so if you have 4 people in the family you are limited to the 5 sessions, and not provided with 20 sessions.                                       
  • President’s Report:
    • FIT Tech registration begins 01-28 . The cost is $10 for faculty and staff. If you are interested in setting up a team for the Staff Senate, please contact Kathy.
    • See Ron Nail about shirts.
  • Committees:
    • By-Laws
      • Second reading regarding changing the phrasing on how to distribute tickets to senators.  Passed without objection.
      • Second reading regarding Parliamentarian – passed without objection.
      • Second reading regarding Historian – passed without objection.
    • No Reports:  Communication and PR; Elections; Grievance; Issues; Nominations; Salary; University Parking.
    • Child Care
      • A joint resolution from the Faculty Senate and the Student Government Association was presented to the Senate, supporting the creation of hiring a Liaison to work with staff on childcare issues.  The Senate passed this with some discussion, but no objections.
    • Technology
      • The website is being overhauled.
    • Scholarships
      • The forms are on line.  
  • Adjournment:
    Adjourned at 4:50 PM.


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