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Minutes for March 6, 2008

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  • Call To Order:
    • 2007-2008 Staff Senate President, Kathy Nordstrom
      3:02 PM, Kathy Nordstrom, President
  • Officers Present:
    • Kathy Nordstrom, President
      Ron Nail, President Elect
      Michelle Kiser, Treasurer
      Sharon Yeates, Secretary

  • Roll – Call:
    • Administrative EEO: Judy Hunter, Randy Smith, Ron Nail, Shannon Crossland, Linda Jackson, Gary Johnson, Chris Leisinger, Len Markham, Elizabeth Massengale, Pam Tipton
    • Professional EEO:  Michelle Kiser, Bill McDonald, Patti Perkins, Tony Rando, Donna Rogers, Ryan Scheckel, Leigh Green, Jessica Carillo, Mary Elkins, Michael Glass, Janet Veal, Carla Cavender, Virginia Downs, David Naugher, Kathy Smith
    • Clerical EEO:  Marjie Ceja, Sheryl Epperson, Kathy Nordstrom, Sammy Arguello, Melanie Chaffin-Poeling, Michael Gellner, Linda Gregston, Maria Micaela Vega, Sharon Yeates, Donna Burt
    • Technical EEO:  John Brocklehurst, Marcia Kawecki, Amy Boren, Greta Cullers, Larry Burks, Judy Easterwood, Randal Lacy, Audrey Pekowski, Janie Ramirez
    • Crafts/Trade EEO:  Kevin Tunnell
    • Service EEO:  Mary Harris, Linda Champion, Randy Hawkins, Alicia Marez, Frank McInroe, Daniel Perez, Frances Watson
    • Guests:  Dr. Greg Elkins, Dr. Jan Childress, Dr. Todd Chambers and Rachel Verbout
    • Absent:  Tamara Ginter, Becky Evans, Jerry Cowan, Marlene Kenady, Dawn Moreno, Steve Allsup, Ashley Arenivas, Brad Jury
  • Pledge: Ron Nail led the senate in the pledge
  • Sharon Yeates: 
    • Roll Call
    • Minutes passed
  • Michelle Kiser: Treasurer’s Report approved without objection.

  • Guest Speakers:
    • Dr. Greg Elkins -  Dean of Students – 742-2984
      • Enrollment in Fall 2007 was 28,000
      • 4,500 were new first year students
      • 2,000 were new transfer students
      • Most of our students indicated that TTU was their first choice of schools.
      • 73% of our freshmen are 300+ miles from their hometown.
      • 58.8% talk about parents, and their parents are involved.
      • 51.7% are concerned about education cost.
    • Dr. Jan Childress – Assoc. Vice President Student Affairs – 742-2691
      • “The Face of Texas Tech”
      • Popular activities: religious, volunteer, studying w/other students, reading the newspaper, using the internet, reading the Daily Toreador.
      • College Expectations: Earning money, career training, better jobs, general education and appreciation for ideas.
      • Top Objectives seen as essential or very important:
      • Raising a family, being well off financially, helping others in difficulty, becoming an authority in my field or being recognized in my field.
      • Student Affairs has 21 Departments, 570 full time staff, 1,300 student employees, and several millions of dollars invested in facilities, activities, programs, and services.
      • Each student is unique.  Student involvement enhances learning.
      • College is more than an education.  Students need to feel a part of TTU.  They need a sense of community.  Contact Student Affairs and they will try to assist. 
      • Red Raider camp is in its eighth year.
    • Dr. Todd Chambers & Rachel Verbout – Relay for Life
      • Relay for Life is an American Cancer Society Project. 
      • April 5 @ 6 PM, at the Fuller Track.
      • Teams are seeking to earn $100 per team member to raise awareness and raise money to battle cancer.
      • Amy Boren can assist you in setting up a team.
      • Senators may want to call someone today to seek testing for cancer, get a test scheduled for yourself, participate in the Relay for Life, Tell people about cancer.org, call a-800-ACS-2345.
      • Luminaries will be sold in memory of cancer victims and survivors.

  • Committees: 
    • Merit Money Committee – John Brocklehurst
      • Cost of living impacts the Staff.  Looking at the process and procedure behind merit raises.
    • Resolutions – Ron Nail
      • A resolution in appreciation of Coach Bob Knight was read. A motion was made. It was approved.
      • A resolution in appreciation of Dr. Jon Whitmore was read. A motion was made. It was approved.
    • Elections – Donna Burt
      • The elections should go online on 3-24.
      • Paper ballots will be available for those who have no computer access, they will go out on the 24th.
      • Professional EEO is losing several Senators.

  • President’s Report:
    • Senators are still getting spam, we are looking into this situation.
    • Staff Admin Evaluation – The non-academic side was tabled until next spring.
    • Emergency notification system – Please remind people to register. The system only works if you are registered.  It appears staff is slow in registering.
    • Childcare Liaison – Taken to President Whitmore and Ron Phillips. It has received an encouraging reaction.
    • Emergency Contact Magnets will be placed around campus. Marketing will assist with that.
    • Please let Kathy know if you have any events that are happening the week before school starts, and how these might be impacted if school schedules change.

  • New Business: 
    • The SGA sent the Staff Senate a copy of their resolution regarding placing a plaque at the fountain to honor all deceased military alumni. Does the Staff Senate want to do anything in regards to this SGA resolution? Discussion indicated that this might be more monumental a task than it originally appears.  It was sent to issues to be reviewed.

  • Announcements:
    • Donna Burt sent a thank you to the Staff Senate.
      The shirts are here, if you never got one, or reordered one, see Ron Nail.
      Communications and PR presented a bouquet of flowers to President Nordstrom to thank her for her hard work.
      See Amy Boren to set up a Relay for Life Team for the Senate.

  • Adjournment:
    • Adjourned at 4:55 PM


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