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Minutes for August 1, 2007

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  • Call To Order:
    • 2007-2008 Staff Senate President, Kathy Nordstrom
      Senate Room, Student Union Building,
      3:00 PM
  • Officers Present:
    • Kathy Nordstrom, President
      Ron Nail, President Elect
      Michelle Kiser, Treasurer
      Sharon Yeates, Secretary

  • Roll – Call:
    Present 46 of the 56 Senators.  
    • Administrative EEO: Ron Nail, Shannon Crossland, Linda Jackson, Gary Johnson, Chris Leisinger, Len Markham, Elizabeth Massengale. Pam Tipton
    • Professional EEO:  Michell Kiser, Deven Patel, Bill McDonald, Patti Perkins, Tony Rando, Ryan Scheckel, Jessica Carrillo, Mary Elkins, Michael Glass, Marlene Kenady, Janet Veal, Carla Cavender, Virginia Downs, David Naugher, Kathy Smith.
    • Clerical EEO:  Kathy Nordstrom, Sammy Arguello, Melanie Poeling, Michael Gellner, Sharon Yeates, Ashley Arenivas, Becky Evans, Tamara Ginter, Donna Burt, Dawn Moreno
    • Technical EEO:  John Brockelhurst, Marcia Kawecki, Amy Boren, Greta Cullers, Judy Easterwood, Randal Lacy, Audrey Pekowski, Janie Ramirez
    • Crafts/Trade EEO:  Kevin Tunnell, Steve Allsup, Jerry Cowen
    • Service EEO:  Daniel Perez
    • Guests:  Nathanael Haddox, Staff Ombudsman
      Mary Jane Hurst, Special Assistant to the President
      Vince Wilde – Alternate Senator
      Shane Bowles - Libraries
    • Absent:
      Administrative EEO:  Judy Hunter, Randy Smith. 
      Professional EEO:  Donna Rogers, Leigh Wilson 
      Clerical EEO:  Margie Ceja, Sheryl Epperson, Linda Gregson, Maria Micaela Vega      
      Technical EEO:  Larry Burks
      Service EEO:  Brad Jury, Mary Harris

  • Qurom: 82% of the Senate Body is in attendance, a quorum is present.
  • President Nordstrom:
    • June Minutes:
      Sammy Arguello moved to approve the minutes.
      Gary Johnson seconded.
      Voice vote taken.  Ayes carried.  No opposition.
    • July Minutes:
      Ron Nail moved to amend the July minutes to reflect the following:
      That the reference to Ron giving a fruit basket be altered to read Ron Nail and Michael Gellner.
      That end quotes be included where missing.
      Greta Cullers moved to accept the minutes as amended per Ron Nail.
      Dawn Moreno seconded.
      Voice vote taken. Ayes carried. No opposition.
  • Michelle Kiser:
    • June Treasurer’s Report
      Expended: $1,063.76
      Ending Balance: $8,011.06
      Tony Rando moved to accept the report.
      Sammy Arguello seconded.
      Voice vote taken. Ayes carried. No opposition.
    • July Treasurer’s Report
      Expended: $976.09
      Ending Balance: $7,034.97
      Jessica Carrillo moved to accept the report.
      Mary Elkins seconded.
      Voice vote taken. Ayes carried. No opposition.
  • President Nordstrom:
    • Thank you Note:
      The family of Donna Hortado sent a thank you note to the Staff Senate thanking them for flowers sent after Donna’s passing.
    • Parking:
      Senators who received tickets for parking where they were told to park should contact President Nordstrom, who has already made arrangements for those tickets to be voided.
    • E-Mail:
      Please note, if you hit “reply” to an e-mail from a senator, it will reply to the entire Senate.
    • Committees:
      Explanations for how Senate Committees are organized were presented, as per the by-laws.  The Senate was asked to divide into EEO classifications to elect EEO representatives to the Executive Board. Sign up sheets were provided for other committees.
    • Name Tags:
      A paper was circulated to allow new senators to write down how they want their name to read on their name tags.
  • Committees:
    • By-Laws
      Michelle Kiser was the chair of By-Laws for 06-07. There were no constitutional changes; there were numerous by-law changes, mainly to clarify certain wording.
      Requires an EEO Rep.
    • Public Relations
      Ron Nail was the chair of Public Relations for 06-07.
      He passed around a shirt for the Senators to examine.  The shirt will run approximately $25 with embroidery work.  He also passed around a sheet to get the sizes needed. There will be a meet and greet in December, this is handled by the PR committee. One member of PR will be assigned to send out flowers, plants, etc., when the Senate needs to do so. Requires an EEO rep.
    • Elections
      Kathy Nordstrom reported for this group.  This committee gathers the nominations of Senators, and coordinates the election of Senators.  Last fall they held a special election. Requires an EEO rep.
    • Grievance
      Michael Gellner reported there were no grievances last year.  This committee handles disputes or issues related to senators, officers. Requires an EEO rep.
    • Issues
      Patti Perkins was the chair last year and reported.  This committee receives the issues that various members of the TTU staff submit to the Senate.  Last year one of the issues offered was a request the more time be permitted for Staff and Family at the Rec Center pool during summer hours.  The Senate investigated this and was unable to change the hours.
      Staff has asked to evaluate administrators like the faculty does.  The Issues Committee is working with the Provost’s Office on this issue.
      The 06-07 Committee developed a draft-form.  This was submitted to the Senate.
      Marlene Kenady moved to approve the form.
      Michael Gellner seconded.
      Motion carried with voice vote, no opposition.
    • Nominations
      Jacklyn Byrd was the original chair in 06-07, followed by Sharon Yeates in 06-07. 
      When the Senate receives requests to provide representation to special University Committees or Presidential Committees, etc, this group submits a list of names to be considered. It needs an EEO Rep from Each Group.
    • Scholarship
      Jessica Carrillo was the chair in 06-07. This committee oversees the disbursement of the Staff Senate Scholarship by reviewing applications, updating forms, and dispensing the scholarship. They meet approximately twice each semester. An issue under discussion is in years when funding exceeds apparent need if the Senate should increase the number of scholarships awarded or increase the amount of money offered per recipient.
    • Technology
      This committee was created last Spring.  In the past they maintained and updated the Senate Website.  Information Technology will now be maintaining the website for the Senate.  Members of this committee do not have to be technology or trade people. They will operate the lottery system which will determine who gets certain “gifts” to the Senate if those gifts are not sufficient to cover every Senator.
    • Childcare:
      This committee is working with the Student Government Association and the Faculty Senate on trying to provide an on-site child care center for use by TTU employees.  Michelle Kiser, Melanie Chaffin Poeling and Crystal Davis would all like to continue to work with this committee. Currently the group is looking into legal issues related to this project. 
    • Salary Advisory Ad Hoc
      Last year this committee was tasked with looking into issues related to how merit salary funds are distributed.
    • Parking
      This committee needs two people to replace two who stepped down. They look into staff parking issues on campus. If you have suggestions or requests for new committees, please e-mail Kathy Nordstrom at Kathy.nordstrom@ttu.ed
  • The senate broke up into EEO classifications to elect representatives to Committees and to sign up for committees.
  • Adjournment:
    The Senate was adjourned by President Nordstrom at 4:59 PM.


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