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Minutes for September 9, 2007

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  • Call To Order:
    • 2007-2008 Staff Senate President, Kathy Nordstrom
      Senate Room, Student Union Building,
      3:00 PM
  • Officers Present:
    • Kathy Nordstrom, President
      Ron Nail, President Elect
      Michelle Kiser, Treasurer
      Sharon Yeates, Secretary
      Ryan Scheckel, Parliamentarian

  • Roll – Call: Present 50 of the 56 Senators.
    • Administrative EEO: Judy Hunter, Randy Smith, Ron Nail, Shannon Crossland, Linda Jackson, Gary Johnson, Chris Leisinger, Elizabeth Massengale. Pam Tipton
    • Professional EEO:  Michell Kiser, Deven Patel, Bill McDonald, Patti Perkins, Tony Rando, Donna Rogers, Ryan Scheckel, Leigh Wilson, Mary Elkins, Michael Glass, Marlene Kenady, Carla Cavender, Virginia Downs, David Naugher, Kathy Smith.
    • Clerical EEO:  Sammy Arguello, Margie Ceja, Sheryl Epperson, Kathy Nordstrom, Melanie Chaffin-Poeling, Michael Gellner, Linda Gregston, Maria Micaela Vega, Sharon Yeates, Ashley Arenivas, Tamara Ginter, Donna Burt, Dawn Moreno
    • Technical EEO:  John Brockelhurst, Marcia Kawecki, Amy Boren, Larry Burks, Judy Easterwood, Randal Lacy, Audrey Pekowski, Janie Ramirez
    • Crafts/Trade EEO:  Kevin Tunnell, Steve Allsup, Jerry Cowen
    • Service EEO:  Brad Jury, Mary Harris, Daniel Perez
    • Guests:  Nathanael Haddox, Staff Ombudsman
      Byron Anderson
      Thom Davis
      Janet May
      Ray Moran
      Kay Whyburn-Rhoades
    • Absent:
      Administrative EEO:  Len Markham 
      Professional EEO:  Jessica Carrilllo, Janet Veal
      Clerical EEO:  Becky Evans
      Technical EEO:  Greta Cullers, Randal Lacy
      Qurom: 90% of the Senate Body is in attendance, a quorum is present.
  • Pledge: Ron Nail led the senate in the pledge.

  • Michelle Kiser:August Treasurer’s Report
    • Many of the senators did not receive this due to computer issues.
      A motion to table approval until the next meeting was made.
      Motion carried by voice. No objections.

  • Sharon Yeates: August Minutes
    • Many senators did not receive this due to computer issues.
      A motion to table approval until the next meeting was made.
      Motion carried by voice. No objections.

  • Guest Speakers:
    • Kay Whyburn-Rhoades, Byron Anderson, Dale Ganus, Thom Davis, Ray Moran, and Janet May updated the Senate on the status of Banner and how it might affect employees of the university in various ways.
    • SciQuest, the purchasing tool, goes live in August 2007
    • The Portal goes live in January of 2008
    • Admissions goes live in June 2008 for June 2009 admissions.
    • Financial Aid will go live in January 2009
    • Human Resources will go live in January 2009
    • Finance will go live in September 2008.
    • PAF’s will go fully electronic under this system, without the “walk through” that currently happens between payroll and human resources.
    • AFISM is Admin & Finance Info System Management
    • www.ttu.edu/afism is the corresponding website. 
    • Townhall meetings will be held to obtain feedback from campus.
    • Senators with questions are encouraged to contact the AFISM team.

  • New Business: “Resolution on Recognition of Custodial and Grounds Maintenance Staff”
    • WHEREAS the Texas Tech University campus has exceptional landscaping that enhances the overall appearance and attractiveness of West Texas to employees, visitors and the community; and,
    • WHEREAS the Texas Tech University campus buildings are maintained representative of the stature of the higher learning institution Texas Tech has achieved academically; and,
    • WHEREAS the custodial and ground maintenance staff continually take pride in their work and represent Texas Tech University in a professional and courteous manner;
    • THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Texas Tech University Staff Senate, meeting this 5th day of September, 2007, would like to recognize the hard work and exceptional diligence that the grounds maintenance and custodial staff continually demonstrate, and the overall value their efforts add to the university.
    • BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this resolution be distributed to Chancellor Kent Hance, President Jon Whitmore, Associate Vice President for Operations Mike Faires, Grounds Maintenance Managing Director Dewey Shroyer, Physical Plant Director Doug Chowning, members of the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents, and members of the Custodial and Grounds Maintenance Staff.
    • Introduced to, and passed by, the Texas Tech University Staff Senate on September 5, 2007.
    • EOR
  • Discussion issues included how people will know about the resolution.  It was agreed that it would be sent out by the Senate, and Marlene Kenady will see that it reaches the ground maintenance group. It will be sent out on Tech Announce as well.  President Nordstrom will check to see if we can enter this into personnel files of the staff members honored.
  • The motion was amended to include distribution instructions. The amended motion appears above.
  • Motion was presented to the Senate by President Nordstrom, moved, seconded, and carried by voice with no objections.

  • Old Business:
    • Parking
      • Eric Crouch was given a list of current Senators.  He will put those names into the system as having permission to park in the Music Lot on the first Wednesday of each month. 
      • If any Senator receives a ticket at a Senate meeting they should see Kathy.
    • Emergency Notification System
      • Dr. Whitmore notified President Nordstrom that the University has purchased an emergency notification system.  Employees will need to log in and tell the system how to contact them in case of emergency.
    • Shirts
      • New shirts should be in next month.
    • Office
      • The new office is almost set up. It is located in 308 Administration.
    • Parliamentarian:
      • This is not a Sergeant At Arms position.
        The rights of the Senate outweigh the rights of individuals within the Senate.
        Each member is equal, and deserves equal representation of their views.
        The use of “general consent” via, “if there are no objections” is perfectly acceptable.
    • Historian:
      • No updates as this is a new position.
    • Announcements:
      • The group picture will be taken at 4:30 PM.
    • Dr. Mary Jane Hurst:
      • Dr. Whitmore’s President Lecture and Performance Series for this academic year is underway.  
      • 09-20-07 Dr. Soltis on Plant DNA
      • 10-09-07 Emerson String Quartet
      • 10-30-07 Winner of the Presidents Book Award
      • 01-11-07 and 01-12-07 Taylor Dance Company
    • State Employee Charitable Contributions Campaign is underway.
    • Issues: The issues form on the web is active. Individuals sign in with an eraider ID.

  • Committees:
    • By-Laws - Michael Glass is chair.
    • Communications & Public Relations – Amy Boren is chair.
    • Elections –   Donna Burt is chair.
    • There will be a special election to fill the vacancies in the Service EEO
    • Grievance- Carla Cavender is chair.
    • Issues – Janet Veal is chair.  Three issues have been submitted.
    • Nominations  - Patti Perkins is chair.
    • Scholarship – Jessica Carrillo is chair.
    • Technology – Tony Rando is chair.
    • This committee is updating the lyris lists. Chairs will be able to use this for their committees.
    • Child Care Committee –  Michelle Kiser and Melanie Chaffin-Poeling are on this committee.  Their survey is going out. Please respond.
    • Salary Advisory Committee – Ryan Scheckel is chair.
    • University Parking – Names will be submitted for consideration for membership on this university wide committee.
    • Employee Recognition Committee – The Goal for a plan is December 2007.  The committee is looking at different levels of awards.

  • Adjournment:
    • Adjourned to attend photo session at 4:24 PM.


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