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Minutes for October 3, 2007

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  • Call To Order:2007-2008
    • Staff Senate President, Kathy Nordstrom
      3:00 PM, Senate Room, Student Union Building
  • Officers Present:
    • Kathy Nordstrom, President
      Ron Nail, President Elect
      Michelle Kiser, Treasurer
      Sharon Yeates, Secretary

  • Roll – Call: Present 43 of the 56 Senators.  
    • Administrative EEO: Judy Hunter, Ron Nail, Linda Jackson, Gary Johnson, Len Markham, Elizabeth Massengale.
    • Professional EEO:  Michelle Kiser, Tony Rando, Donna Rogers, Ryan Scheckel, Leigh Wilson, Jessica Carrillo, Mary Elkins, Michael Glass, Marlene Kenady, Janet Veal, Carla Cavender, Virginia Downs, David Naugher.
    • Clerical EEO:  Margie Ceja, Sheryl Epperson, Kathy Nordstrom, Melanie Chaffin-Poeling, Michael Gellner, Linda Gregston, Maria Micaela Vega, Sharon Yeates, Ashley Arenivas, Becky Evans, Donna Burt, Dawn Moreno
    • Technical EEO:  John Brockelhurst, Marcia Kawecki, Amy Boren, Greta Cullers, Larry Burks, Judy Easterwood, Randal Lacy, Audrey Pekowski..
    • Crafts/Trade EEO:  Kevin Tunnell
    • Service EEO:  Brad Jury, Mary Harris, Daniel Perez
    • Guests: 
      Nathanael Haddox, Staff Ombudsman
      Dr. Jon S. Whitmore, President, Texas Tech University
      Mary Jane Hurst, Special Assistant to the President                   
      Karen Hopkins, Quality Service and Professional Development
      Kathleen Burrell, Technology Support
      Heather April Morris, Research Services
      Otto Ratheal, Quality Service & Professional Development
      Kerry Billingsley, Quality Service & Professional Development
    • Absent:
      Administrative EEO:  Randy Smith, Shannon Crossland, Chris Leisinger, Pam Tipton.
      Professional EEO:  Deven Patel, Bill McDonald, Patti Perkins, Kathy Smith
      Clerical EEO:  Sammy Arguello, Tamara Ginter
      Technical EEO:  Janie Ramirez
      Crafts/Trade EEO: Steve Allsup, Jerry Cowan.

  • Qurom:
    •  77% of the Senate Body is in attendance, a quorum is present.

  • Pledge: Ron Nail led the senate in the pledge

  • Sharon Yeates: Roll Call
    • September Minutes, approved without objection.

  • Michelle Kiser:
    • Treasurer’s Report approved without objection.

  • Guest Speakers:
  • Dr. Whitmore
    • TTU is trying to expand to meet the Chancellor’s upcoming goal of 40,000 students.  This will require expansion in areas such as faculty, staff, housing, and classroom space. The Chancellor’s goal will require approximately 2.5% growth per year, and will include distance education.
    • Finances are tied directly to enrollment.  The State said they fund growth, not maintaining the status quo.  Our credit hours went up, but our enrollment did not increase enough to convince the legislature to give us significant funding increases.
    • TTU hopes to stay 5% under the national average for tuition and fees.
    • This year TTU has a record enrollment.  Spanish and African American enrollment numbers are up.  Graduate Student enrollment is up 2%. 
    • There are 6,161 students living on campus.  This places housing at their maximum capacity.
    • More off campus students are eating on campus than in prior years.
    • What was formerly know as HEAF funding is now HEF funding.  This funding is for building, renovation and equipment. 
    • The University will add six police officers to the force.
    • The Emergency Notification System will be tested on the 10th.  Numbers used for this are kept private and will not be made available to the general public, so individuals who carry private cell phones can safely put those numbers into the system. 
    • The Division of Student Affairs put out a brochure on managing distressed students.  Kathy Nordstrom will look into getting that information to staff members.
    • Security officers within residence halls are more connected to police and emergency services due to the purchase of 500 high quality radios.  They will stage emergency incidents in empty buildings to test the system.
  • Len Markham and Karen Hopkins – Employee Learning Initiative
  • Kerry Billingsley – SECC
    • We are at 64% of our goal. The goal is $375,000; we have $246,000.

  • Committees: 
    • By-Laws - No Report
    • Communications & Public Relations – Amy Boren
      • December Meet & Greet will be held in the Red Raider Ballroom.
      • The need volunteers to help with new student orientation.
      • They need articles on staff accomplishments.
    • Elections –   Donna Burt
      • The special election did not succeed in electing representatives. They are looking for suggestions on how to reach the Service EEO Class.
    • Grievance - Carla Cavender – No grievances filed as of this date.
    • Issues – Janet Veal
      • Thank you to Chris Leisinger for agreeing to co-chair this committee.
      • They will meet on Monday.
    • Nominations  - No Report
    • Scholarship – Jessica Carrillo
      • 36 applications were received and are being reviewed.
    • Technology – Tony Rando
      • Lyris lists for committees have been set up. Please notify Tony if you have any problems. 
      • The committee is working on creating an online Outlook calendar for the Senate.
    • Child Care Committee –  Michelle Kiser
      • The committee is waiting on the survey results.
    • Salary Advisory Committee – No report
    • University Parking – No report.
    • Employee Recognition Committee – Will meet again soon.

  • Announcements:
    • Mary Jane Hurst gave the Senate some tickets for the Emerson Quartet.  A drawing was held to see who received the tickets.
    • Paulina Velero, the student assistant for the Staff Senate, was introduced to the senate.  If you need name cards or other assistance, please call her at 2-7555.
    • Ron Nail will hand out shirts after the meeting adjourns.
    • The advertisement honoring Grounds Maintenance personnel ran in the Daily Toreador today.
    • A thank you note was received from Mason Moses and Alicia Knight for the 2005-2006 Staff Senate’s contribution to the “Paving the Way” campaign.
    • On Thursday, October 4, 2007, at 5:30 PM Kathy Nordstrom will read the names of staff members who have passed away at the TechSan Memorial.

  • Adjournment: 
    • Adjourned at 4:55 PM.


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