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Minutes for August 6, 2008

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  • Call To Order:
    • 2008-2009 Staff Senate President, Ron Nail
    • 3:00 PM, Senate Room, Student Union Building
  • Officers Present:
    • Ron Nail, President
    • Chris Leisinger, President Elect
    • Tamara Ginter, Treasurer
    • Len Markham, Secretary
  • Pledge:
    • Chris Leisinger led the senate in the pledge
  • Len Markham:
    • Roll Call—present 36 of 60 Senators.
    • June and July Minutes, tabled as a quorum was not present.
    • Absent:
      • Administrative EEO: Elizabeth Massengale
      • Professional EEO: Jessica Carrillo, Mary Elkins, Marlene Kenady, Virginia Downs, David Naugher, Kathy Smith, Heather Medley, Beverly Pinson, Kar Sata
      • Clerical EEO:Sammy Arguello, Linda Gregston, Maria Micaela Vega, Becky Evans
      • Technical EEO: Amy Boren, Janie Ramirez, John Brocklehurst, Kerri Ford
      • Crafts/Trade EEO: Steve Allsup, Ron Schulz
      • Service EEO: Brad Jury, Linda Champion, Alicia Marez, and Frances Watson.
      • Guests: Nathanael Haddox, Staff Ombudsman Mary Jane Hurst, Special Assistant to the President Chance Dragich, past Staff Senate president Kay Rhodes, Associate Vice Chancellor Dale Ganus, Academic Operations & Services
  • Qurom:
    • 60% of the Senate Body is in attendance, a quorum was not present.
  • Michelle Kiser:
    • Treasurer’s Report approval tabled as a quorum was not present.
  • Committees:
    • Explanations for how Senate Committees are organized were presented, as per the by-laws. The Senate was asked to divide into EEO classifications to elect EEO representatives to the Executive Board.
    • Admin EEO rep—Mac Cooper
    • Professional EEO rep—Carla Cavender
    • Clerical EEO rep—Sharon Yeates
    • Technical EEO rep—Larry Burks
    • Craft/Trade EEO rep—Ron Schulz
    • Service EEO rep—Mary Harris
  • Ron Nail identified each committee’s duties and sign up sheets were provided for committee assignment. The sign up sheets will also be available at the September meeting.
    • By-Laws - No report
    • Communications & Public Relations – No report
    • Elections – No report
    • Grievance- No report
    • Issues – No report
    • Nominations - No Report
    • Scholarship – No report
    • Technology – No report
    • Child Care Committee – No report
    • Salary Advisory Committee – No report
    • University Parking – No report.
    • Employee Recognition Committee – No report
  • Guest Speakers:
  • Kay Rhodes, Associate Vice Chancellor
    • Presented updates on the status of ConnecTech Project, Banner conversion and timelines. Admissions went live June, 2008 and went fairly smooth. Ms. Rhodes emphasized that “go live” dates will not be 100% smooth as change is hard and not 100% perfect. There will be a learning curve and staff will be there for help. She also emphasized the need to be in the classes offered and involved. The finance full module, direct pay, and travel will go live in September, 2008. Other time lines are as follows:
    • System Module Date
      Student Course Catalog & Course Schedule for Spring 2009 & beyond October '08
      Student Registration Spring 2009 November '08
      Human Resources Full Module January'09
      Financial Aid Award/Process for 2009-2010 Januray '09
      Budget Budget Developtment/Salary Planner April '09
      Student Final Grading - end Spring term May '09
    • Connect Tech
      • Current status:
      • Implementation dates are on schedule
      • Load Tests & Proof of concept for Banner, portal, and reporting
      • Campus wide communication efforts are ongoing
      • Training efforts are ongoing on all aspects for conversion. Tutorials are available at AFISM website.
  • A newsletter will be forthcoming from Kay Rhodes office outlining what is going on with ConnecTech.
  • Finance and HR update: from AFISM
    • TechBuy training classes continue—contact kay.wall@ttu.edu for additional information.
    • Review current open encumbrances and attempt to close out as many as possible prior to the close of FY08. All remaining encumbrances will be carried forward into the Banner finance system.
    • IVs—training in progress for Services Centers that enter more than 50 departmental IVs per year. If you have not been contacted for training, please contact Crista McCune at Crista.mccune@ttu.edu.
    • Human Resources: HR/Payroll testing continues Web Time Entry implementation will begin October 1st
    • Departments will be notified of their go live dates and trainings will begin in late September
    • Goal is to have non-exempt employees familiar with entering their time using Web Time Entry before HR Banner goes live on December 1st.
    • Mid October E-PAF and HR Processes trainings will begin
  • Dale Ganus, Academic Operations & Services
    • Student and Financial Aid Update Final conversion’s target is 9/13/08 weekend
    • Mock registrations for students, faculty, and staff
    • Training Frequently Asked Questions can be located at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/studentrecordtraining
    • Registration for spring is schedule the 1st week of November
    • The office is conducting a naming contest for students to submit name for the program.
  • Announcements:
    • A couple of Staff Senators are needed to work the New Employee Orientation on August 14th and 28th until the Public Relations Committee is formed.
    • Parking information for new senators—may park in band lot. Senators who received tickets for parking where they were told to park should contact President Nail, who has already made arrangements for those tickets to be voided.
    • Thank you notes were received from Kathy Nordstrom, Janet Veal, and Janie Ramirez.
    • President Nail passed around a shirt for the Senators to examine. He also passed around a sheet for those Senators that needed a shirt to indicate the size needed.
  • Adjournment:
    • Adjourned at 4:18PM.


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