Texas Tech University

Minutes for June 2, 2010

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  • Call To Order: Chris Leisinger, President, 3:00 PM, Escondido Theatre, Student Union Building
    • Officers Present:
      • Chris Leisinger, President
      • Beverly Pinson, President Elect
      • Tamara Ginter, Treasurer
    • Minutes: Minutes of the May 5, 2010 meeting were tabled.
    • Treasurer’s Report:
      • May beginning balance:
        Ending balance:
      • Treasurer’s Report was approved as presented.
    • New Business:
      • Reminder - Printing Services is closing July 15th.
      • Chris Leisinger read thank you notes from two spring semester scholarship recipients.
      • The Executive Board recommended expulsion of Kyle Clark due to lack of attendance.  A motion was made, seconded, and passed to terminate him.
      • Staff Senate Executive Board elections were held.  The new officers for 2010-2011 are:  Bruce Bills, President Elect; Meredith Gooch, Secretary; and Dale Ganus, Treasurer.  The new EEO representatives for 2010-2011 are:  Gary Johnson, Administrative; Aleesa Ross, Professional; Carol Espinoza, Clerical; Ashley McPherson, Technical; Sam Beavers, Crafts; and Ricky Canales, Service.  Electronic clickers were used voting of the officers. 
      • Nominations, Elections, and Grievance Committee Chairs should be nominated in July.  It was moved, seconded, and passed to move these elections to August. 
    • Standing Committe Reports:
      •  Technology:  Gary Bryant reported that the first Staff Senate FAQ went out via TechAnnounce and this was generating more FAQs.  He also stated that the website is up-to-date in regards to the updated ByLaws.
      • ByLaws/Constitution:  Tamara Ginter or the new committee chair will send notice when President Bailey has signed the constitutional changes.
      • Elections:  Len Markham explained the problem with the first round of voting.  We have 53 nominations.  The voting has been extended to June 14th.
      • Issues:  Still working on one active issue that will hopefully be resolved by fall.
      • Scholarships:  The deadline for submitting applications is June 7th.  The committee is digitizing the review process.
      • Grievance:  No report.
      • Nominations:  No report.
      • Communications/Public Relations:  Planning the installation program/reception for the July 7th meeting in the Merket Alumni Center.  There will be an ice cream sundae bar with diabetic options.  Staff Senate scholarship recipients will be invited.    
    • Special Committee Reports:
      • Parking: No report.
      • Family Care:  Committee is on hold.
      • Green Task Force:  No report.
      • Student Life: Orientations are scheduled for the summer.  A Financial Aid call center has been established.  Enrollment numbers look good.
      • Strategic Planning:  No report.
      • Gender Equity:  Virginia Downs encouraged the Staff Senate to have a Senator on this committee. 
      • Announcements:
        • The next Executive Board meeting is June 30, 3:30 p.m. in Admin 244.
        • The next Staff Senate meeting is July 7, 3 p.m. in the Merket Alumni Center.


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