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Minutes for November 3, 2010

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  • Call To Order:
    • 2010-2011 Staff Senate President, Beverly Pinson
    • 3 p.m., Senate Room, Student Union Building
  • Officers Present:
    • Beverly Pinson, President
    • Bruce Bills, President Elect
    • Dale Ganus, Treasurer
  • Roll Call:
    • 59 senators present.
  • Minutes:
    • Approval of the October 2010 meeting minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    • Beginning balance:
      Carry-Forward Balance
      Ending balance:
    • Treasurer’s Report was approved as presented (motion made by Ricky Sawyer & 2nd by Steve Duff). 
  • Guest Speakers:
    • Dr. Guy Bailey, President, Texas Tech University:
      • Concerns:
        • Budget passed until next summer which is not a bad thing
        • The longer we wait, the more chance the revenue will go up
        • There has to be care put into the preparation; there is no certainty
      • Positives:
        • Very conservative
        • Not too much expansion in fear of budget cuts; expansion could lead to staff layoffs
        • Rapid enrollment growth: as enrollment and tuition grows, revenue increases
        • Minimize impact
        • Outsourcing of printing has been the only main department change
        • Tier 1 initiative: December 16th and 17th is the Board of Regents Meeting
        • Long term prospects look good: national research fund in a couple of years
        • Preparation of people for leadership roles: wanting to grow our staff; place for advancement; wanting current staff to advance; leadership academy: growing next set of directors from our campus
        • Governor Executive Development Program: designed to train people to run the state; personnel management; budgeting; communications; development vision
    • Michelle Hougland and Sally Post, Office of Communications and Marketing:
      • No major changes; just updates
      • Wanted to see the Double T more
      • Code of Arms strictly used for Academics
      • Double T used for TTU
      • On the website there are new Double T signatures available; can download straight from the website to your computer
      • Can request a logo to be made for your area; takes around 15 minutes: contact Michelle at 742.2136
      • No department or unit names will be printed on the business cards from now on; you can add it in the signature part of the business card, but it will no longer be on the top of the card
  • President’s Report:
    • Beverly presented her October President’s Report.  Her purpose for this report is to let us to know how Staff Senate is involved in TTU.   There has been an increase in concern for past employees who are in need.  Also, it has been brought to Beverly’s attention that there is a concern with the scholarship that is given: there is a need to help cover the other expenses too, not just the tuition.  Lastly, the ad hoc committee goals: to help revamp the bylaws and constitution committee.
  • New Business:
    • November birthday recognitions.
    • New senators, Kirby Mackey and Rodrick Thomas took the Oath of Office.
    • Ad Hoc Committee Goals:
      • Hopefully address and solve issues that have come up
      • Nomination of names of committee members; vote to come and approval of members at next Executive Board Meeting on December 1, 2010.
      • Charge has not been written yet
  • Committe Reports:
    • Technology: No report.    
    • By Laws:  No report.
    • Communications and PR:  giveaways: tumblers; business cards ordered and available, please take some; Staff Insider needs a little more editing and then it will be published on Tech Announce; December 8th is the Meet and Greet, please let Ashley know if you have door prizes; Basketball game is December 29th at 7pm against New Mexico; Strive for Honor and Raiders Who Rock will be in April-more info to come; Brag Board is coming along; NEO sign-up sheet is going around within the committee
    • Elections:  No alternate for Service; there will be a special election to fill the position
    • Grievance:  No report.
    • Issues:  7 issues will be ready to present at the next Executive Board Meeting; 1 new issue has come up and will be addressed at the next Issues Committee Meeting
    • Nominations:  New roster is available with all changes made; committee chair rosters are also available
    • Scholarships:   Finished with evaluations; next week, the winners will be announced
    • Parking:  Car clinic is next Wednesday, November 10th; free coke and hot dogs
    • Student Life:  Academic calendar for 2012 is being processed; it will be leap year; looking at state laws; there will be summer school changes; no fall break in 2012; enrollment numbers are up; Tech Parents and Parent and Family Relations are hosting the bus ride at Thanksgiving; Book orders for classes have to be available at registration now; Carol of Lights: December 3, 2010.   
    • Strategic Planning:  No report.
    • Gender Equity:  No report.
    • Child Care: looking at the facility plan; have land- waiting on bids to build and run the facility; updates to come
  • Announcements:
    • Next Executive Board meeting: TBA.
    • Next Staff Senate meeting is the Meet and Greet: Frazier Alumni Pavilion: December 8, 2010, 3-5pm.


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