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Texas Tech University Staff Senate Scholarship

The Texas Tech University Staff Senate shall exist to contribute to the welfare of the University staff employees; to serve as a liaison among staff, administration, faculty, and students; and to advise the administration in matters affecting the staff. Through these purposes the Staff Senate strives foremost to contribute to the overall success of Texas Tech University.

As put forth in its Mission Statement, the Texas Tech University Staff Senate works for the members of the TTU staff in ways that benefit both staff members and the University as a whole. The Staff Senate strongly supports any staff member who seeks to further their education by taking courses at Texas Tech University. To that end, the Staff Senate established this competitive scholarship to assist those staff members who are enrolled in a course at the University with the expenses that are part of such an endeavor.

Congratulations to the following scholarship recipients!

Summer 2016 Staff Senate Scholarship Recipients

Anneliese Bustillo
Leslee Castro
Maggie Gilchrest
Jacob Kreas
Ashley McPherson
Olivia Moore
Christine Mosher
Sarah Schwintz
Tracy Tindle
Jianjun Zheng

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