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The Texas Tech University Independent School District Math & Science Club spanned the 2011-12 and 2012-13 academic years. The club was sponsored by Texas Tech University, the National Science Foundation Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3) program, and the TTU Independent School District. We have collected the archived broadcast videos and support materials here. Please contact webmaster.stem@ttu.edu if you have any trouble accessing the materials linked below. Please note that we recommend the Mozilla Firefox browser for viewing the videos as some may not play correctly in Internet Explorer.

The Club sponsors would like to extend our sincere thanks to the following club directors for investing so much of their time and talents!

  • Tracy Clanton-Smith, Technology
  • Sharron Story, Science
  • Pam Summers, Mathematics

2012-13 Broadcasts

Broadcast 1: Engineering, an Overview

Do you ever think about designing state-of-the art buildings or new gaming devices? This installment of the Texas Tech University Math & Science Club will give you an exciting introduction to engineering. This is a career with many paths, and this is an opportunity to see if one is right for you!

Featured presenter: Dr. Dean Fontenot, Senior Director (Retired) of the TTU T-STEM Center

Series Introduction: Atmospheric Sciences

Want to be a Meteorologists but don't want to be on television? Once you check our our series on the different branches of meteorology, you may not have to. Three expert speakers will discuss broadcast meteorology, climatology, operational meteorology, physical meteorology, and forensic meteorology. Also discover facts about weather and various natural disasters.

Broadcast 2: Atmospheric Science & Broadcast Meteorology

Check out our new broadcast featuring television meteorologist Lisa Meadows! In addition to discussing the life of studying weather for television, Lisa also introduces us to the world of tornadoes. Lisa is the first featured speaker in our three-part series on Atmospheric Science.

Featured presenter: Lisa Meadows, KLBK Morning Meteorologist

Broadcast 3: Atmospheric Science - Hurricanes, Tropical Cyclones & Typhoons

Would you like to be a storm tracker or someone that does research and studies natural disasters? If so, don't miss our newest club broadcast as we dive deeper into the research that goes into natural disasters. Our featured presenter, Richard Krupar III, delivers the second part of the three-part atmospheric science series with a discussion of hurricanes, tropical cyclones, and typhoons.

Featured presenter: Richard Krupar III, Field Coordinator of the Texas Tech Hurricane Research Team

Broadcast 4: Atmospheric Science - Forensic Meteorology

This week we take a look at a branch of the forensic sciences that is a little different from what you might expect from watching television shows such as CSI. Did you know that weather often plays a major role in legal cases ranging from personal injury - to divorce - to even murder? Our featured broadcast dives right into the world of forensic meteorology with the help of AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Dr. Joe Sobel!

Featured presenter: Dr. Joe Sobel, Meteorologist for AccuWeather Products and Services

Broadcast 5: Aerospace Engineering (with Introduction)

Have you ever wondered what an aerospace engineer really does? How does one become an aerospace engineer? Check out the club coordinator's introduction to this field of study: Aerospace Engineering -- Intro. Our first speaker of this two part series, Dr. Michelle Pantoya, will give insight not only on what it takes to become an aerospace engineer, but also on the types of projects that aerospace engineers play a significant role in (such as how combustion propellants are used for aerospace applications).

Featured presenter: Dr. Michelle Pantoya, Professor, TTU Department of Mechanical Engineering

Broadcast 6: Aerospace Engineering - NASA

What is a payload integration safety engineer? Have you ever wondered what the commander's seat of a space shuttle really looks like? How does NASA test objects in space? Join us as we visit with our speaker, Clint Lively, a payload safety engineer that works closely with NASA. If you have an interest in the space program or the International Space Station, this is a broadcast that you will not want to miss!

Featured presenter: Clint Lively, ISS Payload Integration Safety Engineer at The Boing Company

Broadcast 7: Electrical Engineering - Micro Machines

What does MEMS stand for? How about Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems? Join us as we learn about the technology of small machines, the research pertaining to them, and what you could do if you are interested in this field of engineering. First, check out the Club Director's introduction to electrical engineering by clicking here.

Featured presenter: Dr. Tim Dallas, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Broadcast 8: Pathology

Ever wonder how doctors make important decisions concerning patient treatment? We will take a look at what must be done in order to treat skin cancers, lymphomas, and leukemia. A patient's treatment is often determined by the quality of the slides from a biopsy. First, check out the Club Coordinators' introduction to Pathology. Next, join us for Dr. Ownbey's presentation as he shares his career path of Pathology and what that involves on a day-to-day basis.

Featured presenter: Dr. James Ownbey, Covenant Health Partners

Broadcast 9: Medical Technology

Would you like to be on the cutting edge of technology in the medical field? Did you know that clinical laboratory professionals play a critical role in diagnosis, treatment and preventative health care? Begin by checking out the Club Coordinators' introduction to Medical Technology: Medical Technology Intro. Next, you're invited to join us for Wade Redman's presentation as he shares with us the different avenues available to gain certification and the different areas of expertise that are covered under this field.

Featured presenter: Wade Redman, Assistant Professor at TTUHSC, Clinical Laboratory Science Assistant Program Director

Broadcast 10: Medical Technology - Internships

Join us for the final broadcast of the 2012-2013 school year and learn about the newest methods of treating inflammatory breast disease and opportunities for student internships within this field. If you haven't already, click here to watch our club directors' preview of our medical technology series. Then, watch Kindy Walker's presentation on internship opportunities concerning the cancer prevention research training program.

Featured presenter: Kindy Walker, Medical Technologist & Researcher, ASCP, Covenant Health System

Bonus Broadcast: "Behind the Scenes" at the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

You now have access to an exclusive BONUS broadcast featuring a "behind the scenes" tour of the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. The footage was produced in Summer 2013; however, some technical issues almost prevented the broadcast from being posted. Thanks to the help of our Club support staff, the video was recovered and is now ready for you! We think many of you will enjoy the "live on the scene" format as our directors took to the field to bring you a look at what it is like to care for injured wild animals. If you are interested in working with the rehabilitation of birds or animals, or volunteering to get some experience, this broadcast will be of particular interest to you.

Featured presenter: Club Directors and South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (SPWRC) staff and volunteers - SPWRC

2011-12 Broadcasts

These broadcasts have been collected in our YouTube Channel. Click here to open the channel in a new window!

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