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STEM CORE Membership

STEM CORE Membership works closely with the staff and Associate Directors of STEM CORE in developing educational and outreach activities, pursuing grant opportunities, and contributing to the scholarship of STEM outreach and engagement. Membership is open to all Texas Tech University faculty and staff members. A new category of membership has recently opened for Graduate Students!. See the information on the Graduate Student Affiliate Page. 

Unsure about which category of membership is right for you? View our Membership Descriptions.

STEM CORE Membership Application

Current STEM CORE Membership

Interested in joining the STEM CORE Membership?

Consider joining us in one of three ways:

Affiliate or Graduate Student Affiliate: Affiliates are faculty and staff who wish to be involved with STEM CORE in a peripheral manner, or who wish to utilize the resources, both physical and intellectual, of the Center. To be an affiliate, you should:

  • Be interested in the mission and vision of STEM CORE
  • Plan to attend at least one STEM CORE activity within a calendar year

Member: To be a general member of STEM CORE, faculty or staff is expected to meet the affiliate requirements and regularly fulfill at least two of the following three requirements:

  • Submit of be part of a submission of at least one STEM, STEM Education or STEM Outreach grant
  • Develop or be engaged in at least one STEM outreach activity or program
  • Plan to attend STEM CORE activities

Fellow: Fellows are expected to have a vested interest in the mission and vision of STEM CORE, and to go above and beyond the requirements for membership. To be a Fellow, you must fulfill all of the requirements to be a member and one or both of the items below:

  • Have a recognizable track record in STEM research, education, or outreach
  • Have a track record of sustained STEM outreach activity and consistently reported on its efficacy at a regional or national meeting or published the results in a peer-reviewed journal

STEM CORE Membership Application