Texas Tech University

Network Update Archive: September 7, 2016

  • STEM-CORE Personnel Changes: Join us in welcoming Dr. Audra Morse as an Associate Director from the Whitacre College of Engineering. Visit the STEM-CORE Staff Page for more information.
  • STEP Program: The STEM Teaching, Engagement & Pedagogy (STEP) Program welcomes 16 TTU STEM faculty representing 3 colleges and 7 departments. The STEP Program is designed to encourage research-focused STEM faculty to become more knowledgeable about Evidence-Based Instructional Practices (EBIPs) and to support the implementation of targeted strategies borne out of this type of research. For more information view the STEP Website.
  • STEM Education Seminars: The STEM-CORE works to highlight STEM Education seminars from across the TTU campus. All seminars are scheduled to begin again this fall. If you are aware of a seminar that might be of interest to the STEM-CORE Network, please let us know!
    • Physics Education Research Seminar: Tomorrow, Thursday, September 8 at 12:30 pm in SC 118.
      • Title: The Value of Rote Memorization and Drilling in 1D Kinematics.
      • Abstract: As a flight instructor, we are taught that there are 4 levels of learning: Rote, Understanding, Application, and Correlation. Most physics courses jump right to Understanding or Application. Kinematics is not obvious; it took a pretty smart guy named Isaac Newton to put it together. So for a student to learn this material in less than 2 weeks requires memorizing several (40 to 50) basic "rules" about kinematics; for instance, the + or - sign in front of velocity simply indicates the direction of motion. Ultimately, we memorize that fact. I am developing software that could fill in this missing piece of the levels of learning. I have a very rough version of the software up and running, and would like to demonstrate it. The primary purpose of this seminar is to get people thinking about my software so that they can give me feedback in the near future.
  • iSTEM Summer Research Weeks: At the end of July, STEM-CORE hosted an international STEM Program for students visiting from China. Students came to TTU campus for 2.5 weeks of research, working with STEM faculty from the College of Animal Sciences and Natural Resources and the College of Arts and Sciences. Students throughly enjoyed their visit, and got to learn about various STEM topics.
  • Science By the Glass: The TTU Climate Science Center will host "Science by the Glass" next Tuesday, September 13 at 6:00 PM. Please remember that our Science By The Glass events are held at Fox & Hound on 82nd and Quaker where there will be a 5PM happy hour followed by a fascinating talk at 6PM by Alexander Pearl. The title of his discussion will be, "The (Next) Big Short: Our Water Crisis." His presentation will focus on circumstances regarding water in the U.S. Science by the Glass events are informal discussions that bring together members of the community with TTU faculty and students to discuss topics related to science, climate, and society. This event is free and open to anyone in the Lubbock community, so come on out and spread the word.
  • Science Made Simple Day: The TTU Museum is hosting a Science Made Simple Day on Saturday September 24, 2016 from 1-4 in the Sculpture Court of the Museum. The focus of this "GREEN Made Simple," event is being mindful of existing resources and how to re-use materials. Bayer Crop Science will bring hands-on activities for kids and families. A representative from the TTU Recycling effort and a local horticulturalist will be in attendance. There will be an exposition featuring hand-built robots created from trash and discarded items that can be recreated by families at home using their own trash!
  • Science in the Movies: On October 7, 2016, the Whitacre College of Engineering will welcome thousands of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students to the Texas Tech campus for an educational experience they will not soon forget. Students will be treated to live presentations of Steve Wolf's "Science in the Movies". Steve Wolf, renowned stuntman, FX artist and recipient of the prestigious Time Warner Cable "STEM Presenter of the Year" award, will perform stunts and effects that show how he uses science to create movie magic. This event is sponsored by: Whitacre College of Engineering, TTU College of Education, Institutional Diversity, Equity & Community Engagement, Office of the Provost, and the Office of the TTU President.