The STEM-CORE Seminar Series serves as an opportunity for TTU faculty and staff to join together in the spirit of collaboration and multidisciplinary exploration. Initially, the STEM-CORE directors have attempted to select topics perceived to be of general interest; however, the long-term vision is to have this dialog shaped by those needs and interests articulated by seminar attendees. We would like to thank the TTU Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center for hosting the seminar sessions!

Upcoming Seminar Meetings

Presenter: Dr. Sybil Hart
Title: Writing for Professional and Popular Audiences
Date: 02/26/15
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM
Location: TLPDC, Room 153
Summary: Based on her experience as an author of trade and academic books, Dr. Hart will discuss some of the “how” and “why” of publishing for different audiences, coming up with good ideas, communicating with agents, editors, illustrators, and publicists, and some of the ups and downs along the way.

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Past Seminar Meetings

Note:Digital resources from previous seminar meetings will be linked from the table below as promptly as possible following each session. Please contact if you experience any technical issues with these links.

Presenter: Dr. Susan Back & Mr. Archie Pitsilides
Title: NSF Proposal Process Strategies and Current Opportunities for Collaboration
Date: 01/27/15
Summary: The purpose of the presentation is to answer participant questions on developing successful strategies for proposals to the NSF. Insights offered would apply to NSF STEM proposals, as well as to proposals in other fields of study and to other federal agencies and private funding sources. The presentation will summarize: Proposal Strategies; Goals, Objectives and Evaluation Questions; Project Evaluation; Impact and Transportability; Broader Impacts. Additionally, the presentation will announce and review cross-disciplinary funding opportunities as time allows.
Resources: Slides (.pdf) | Video Recording
Presenter: Jessica Simpson
Title: Data Management: The Proposal and the Process
Date: 12/02/14
Summary: In the process of writing an application for a grant in recent years researchers may have needed to include a data management plan (DMP) as part of their grant proposal. Some funding agencies even require such plans as obligatory for funding, the NSF and the NIH being the most prominent. While many individuals will include this document because it is part of their requirements, a strong data management plan is an important part of the academic process. In this discussion I will go over the important elements of a data management plan and discuss resources and tools that are available to help create a great DMP proposal. This talk will benefit faculty new to creating a DMP, experienced faculty wishing to improve the quality of their DMP, grant support staff and anyone interested in preparing a project so that it has the most effective impact in their area of study.
Resources: Video Recording
Presenter: Dr. Michelle Pantoya
Title: Research on the role of engineering in the elementary classroom
Date: 11/07/14
Summary: This talk will discuss how to integrate foundational engineering concepts into elementary curriculum. Highlights will include our work with teachers in the integration of engineering concepts, so as to be able to use those principles in their own efforts; how we measure the impact of this work, again so that they can draw general principles and apply it to their own projects; and, how we build on this work, so that we can seek future funding. The goals of our on-going research are to introduce engineering into K-5th grade using literacy and scaffolded Engineering is Elementary curriculum. These activities facilitate learning of science concepts and enhance student engagement in all STEM activities. I will discuss how and why engineering is the glue that holds STEM together and can be used as a method for increasing engagement and content understanding of STEM concepts. We have used the Engineering is Elementarycurriculum in Kindergarten classrooms to assess engagement and content learning of STEM concepts. Results from this pilot test will be presented as well as modifications to the research design for future research.
Resources: Video Recording
Presenter: Dr. Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz
Title: Assessment and Evaluation of K12 STEM Outreach
Date: 10/09/14
Summary: This session will help STEM outreach providers with a process tool to design your evaluation based on your program goals and budget. She will also assist with turning your program goals into to a logical description of how your program works (theory of change) to ensure that your assessment plan, including assessment tools, captures key process and outcome benchmarks. Many funders require a well-developed theory of change; this session will help you develop one. It will also provide some general assessment tools that are commonly used to measure attitudinal and satisfaction of your program participants. If you have a set of tools you use already, Dr. Aguirre-Muñoz can provide you with feedback on the alignment between your tools and stated goals and theory of change.
Resources: Process Tool Document
Presenter: Dr. Mark McGinley
Title: Encyclopedia of Earth: A Valuable Tool for Informal Science Education?
Date: 09/24/14
Summary: This talk will focus on the Encyclopedia of Earth, an online peer-reviewed source of information about the environment. The Encyclopedia’s scope of content includes all of the environmental sciences, including earth sciences, climate, biology, and the allied aspects of history, archaeology, environmental policy as well as engineering applications. The session will also serve as the kickoff for the 2014-2015 STEM Center for Outreach, Research & Education Seminar Series.
Resources: Video Recording
Presenter: Dr. Jon Ulmer, Ms. Melissa Cook, Dr. Jaclyn Cañas-Carrell, Dr. Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz, & Dr. Jerry Dwyer
Title: Logistics of Summer Outreach
Date: 04/30/2014
Summary: Come spend some time with faculty who have experience with student and adult summer camps. Learn about planning, recruiting students (including underrepresented populations), evaluating your program, and hear from TTU Conference Services. Online registration is now closed.
Resources: Presentation Slides
Presenter: Dr. Jerry Dwyer
Title: The State of STEM Outreach & Engagement at TTU
Date: 11/21/2013
Summary: Dr. Dwyer will present an overview of STEM Outreach & Engagement activities from across TTU. The session is intended begin a campus-wide examination of the nature and value of STEM initiatives. He will also be outlining how the newly established STEM-CORE can serve campus partners in facilitating new and existing initiatives. Online registration is now closed.
Resources: TTU STEM Initiative Index