Summer 2016


Summer I

Time Frame Refund Amount
Up through June 06 100% refund
June 7 80% refund
June 8 50% refund
June 9 and after No refund

Summer II

Time Frame Refund Amount
Up through July 11 100% refund
July 12 80% refund
July 13 50% refund
July 14 and after No refund

Full Summer

Time Frame Refund Amount
Up through June 6 100% refund
June 07 through June 9 80% refund
June 10 through June 14 50% refund
June 15 and after No refund

Spring 2016

Time Frame Refund Amount
Up through January 20 100% refund
January 21 through January 27 80% refund
January 28 through February 3 70% refund
February 4 through February 10 50% refund
February 11 through February 17 25% refund
February 18 and after No refund

Spring 2016

Time Frame Refund Amount
Up through January 19 100% refund
January 20 through January 26 80% refund
January 27 through February 2 70% refund
February 3 through February 9 50% refund
February 10 through February 16 25% refund
February 17 and after No refund

Fall 2015

Time Frame Refund Amount
August 14 or earlier 100% refund or owe 0%
August 17 - August 21 80% refund or owe 20%
August 24 - August 28 70% refund or owe 30%
August 31 - September 4 50% refund or owe 50%
September 8 - September 14 25% refund or owe 75%
September 15 through end of term 0% refund or owe 100%

Historical Withdrawal Data

Title IV Return of Aid (R2T4)

Students who withdraw from TTU or drop all courses during a term that receive(d) financial aid:

It is important for students who receive financial aid and subsequently withdraw or drop all courses during the term to be aware of the refund policies and to understand the impact these actions will have on the aid released and their continuing eligibility for financial aid. Current refund policies for students who withdraw or drop all courses during a term are determined by the Higher Education Title IV refund regulations.

Federal Refund and Repayment calculations must be performed for students who receive Title IV (Pell, FSEOG, Perkins and/or Stafford Loans) funds and officially withdraw from all courses, drop out of all courses, are expelled, take an unapproved leave of absence, or fail to return from an approved leave of absence prior to the 60% date of the term. All "unearned aid" must be returned to the federal aid programs as determined by the Federal Refund and Repayment calculations.

The requirements for Title IV program funds are separate from the university refund policy. As such, you are responsible for unpaid institutional charges remaining after the refund calculation. You are also responsible for charges/balances created by the required return of Title IV program funds to the originating federal aid program.

If you have questions about your Title IV program funds, you can call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FEDAID(1-800-433-3243).TTY users may call 1-800-730-8913. Information is also available on Student Aid on the Web at