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Veteran Education Benefits

Students who wish to use veteran education benefits should visit the Office of Military and Veteran Programs. The Office of Military and Veteran Programs can explain the various programs available and help students determine eligibility.

Each semester the Office of Military and Veteran Programs (OMVP) identifies students eligible to receive Chapter 31 or Chapter 33 veteran education benefits. OMVP submits a roster of students that contains the amount of benefit available to each student to SBS. SBS then applies these benefits to the student account. State law requires Texas Tech to collect payment of 95% of the balance of tuition and mandatory fees or the account must be enrolled in a payment plan prior to the first class day. Therefore if the benefit is not yet applied to the account or the benefit is not sufficient to cover the payment requirements, the student must pay the required percentage or enroll in a payment plan to prevent cancellation for non-payment. It is the student's responsibility to submit all documentation timely and to coordinate with both the OMVP and SBS offices to avoid these actions.

Students using other veteran programs that send benefits directly to the student instead of to the school should follow the University calendar regarding payment dates for tuition and fees. If these students are unable to make payment in full by the University's posted due dates, Student Business Services makes Payment Plans available each semester to extend the payment deadline while students are waiting for benefits to be processed.

Student Business Services thanks you for your service and is proud that you have chosen Texas Tech University for your academic career.



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