Texas Tech University

Second Year Engagement Committee

The intent of the Second Year Engagement Committee is to understand the current landscape of the second year experience at Texas Tech University and to explore the interest, need, and feasibility of moving forward with a coordinated campus approach to the second year.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Survey and adapt programs and initiatives currently existing on campus
  • Identify gaps and suggest new initiatives (long-term and short-term goals)
  • Recommend a comprehensive plan for second year student support

The SYE committee is comprised of staff, administrators, faculty, and students. Some of the members represent the departments that are partners of SYE. Others bring an important perspective to working with second-year students.

2015-2016 SYE Committee

  • Wes Condray (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Rachel Jackson (Co-Chair)
  • Stefan Altheide (Transition & Engagement)
  • Erika Bowles (University Student Housing)
  • Bailey Dowler (Student Representative)
  • Laura Heinz (Library)
  • Ali Luempert (University Advising)
  • Heather Martinez (Institutional Diversity)
  • Dr. Courtney Meyers (Faculty, CASNR)
  • Jacy Proctor (Center for Active Learning and Undergraduate Engagement)
  • Colleen Sisneros (Arts & Sciences)
  • Logan Winkelman (University Career Center)