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Your support of the Ready.Set.Register. Fair is an expression of your commitment to the education of our students and we sincerely thank you!

Students do not need to register in advance to attend the Ready.Set.Register. Fair.

Goals of the Ready.Set.Register. Fair

  1. Make a Plan. The Ready.Set.Register. Fair provides students with an opportunity to meet with advisors and campus staff to prepare themselves to register for Fall 2017 classes. This can include advising, setting up advising appointments, learning how to remove holds, and more. (Similar to the fall Majors & Minors Fair)
  2. Discover Resources. The second goal of the R.S.R. Fair expands beyond academics to include access to co-curricular departments and resources that can ease the registration process for first- and second-year students. (Similar to the RRO Resource Fair).

FAQs for Table Hosts

Should my department/unit attend the R.S.R. Fair?

Does your department or unit:

  • Academically advise students?
  • Place registration holds on student accounts?
  • Provide academic and/or support services to students?
  • Want to reconnect with a large group of students in a short period of time?

Then YES! YOU should reserve a table at the Ready.Set.Register. Fair!

Who should represent my area?

  • Academic Advisors
  • Faculty members
  • Staff members

What kind of materials should I bring?

  • Table Signage
  • Laptop (fully charged – access to power is limited)
  • Degree Plans
  • Academic Transfer Forms
  • Follow Up Forms

What kind of information should I bring?

  • Required courses
  • Minimum GPA
  • Minors and certificate forms
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Any other information you might like students to know about your area

Who attends the Fair?

The Ready.Set.Register. Fair relies heavily on members of the Texas Tech community to spread the word and invite students to the fair. In your conversations with students, keep the following types of students in mind and invite them to the fair.

  • Students who have holds on their account 
  • Students who have not been advised for Fall 2017
  • Students who are worried about meeting the qualifications for their selected major
  • Students who are confident in their choice of a major, but interested in adding a major, minor or certificate
  • Students who may be thinking of not enrolling in the fall. 

Staff Schedule

9:00 am - 9:30 am: Set up and brunch in the SUB Lubbock Room

9:45 am: Brunch concludes and empty tables removed

10:00 am - 1:00 pm: Ready.Set.Register. Fair

Reserve a Table

If your department would like to have a table at the Ready.Set.Register. Fair, please complete the online Table Request Form by March 8, 2017. Only departments who complete the form before the deadline will have a table at the fair.

Coming Soon! If you are unsure if your department/program has already reserved at table, visit our list of program partners. This list is updated weekly.  



Students do not need to register in advance to attend the Ready.Set.Register. Fair.


If you have any questions about hosting a table at the Ready.Set.Register. Fair, contact us at:

Transition & Engagement

Reserve a Table

An academic department, school or unit must register in advance to participate in the Ready.Set.Register. Fair.

Please register by March 8, 2017 to reserve a space.


Important Dates

March 8

Table Requests Due

March 15

Notification of Acceptance/Non-Acceptance of Special Table Requests

March 22

Ready.Set.Register. Fair