Sophomore Year Experience (SYE)


The Sophomore Year Experience (SYE) program is designed to provide support and connections for sophomore students at Texas Tech. We aim to get sophomores more involved and engaged with the Texas Tech campus, secure an academic degree plan, and develop a personal identity and purpose.

Your journey continues! After a successful first year of college,SYE can guide you to completing your second year of college. SYE is a collaborative of programs and services in the division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management that will assist you in your transition from your freshmen year to sophomore year and guide you to continuing your education here in Texas Tech.

Sophomore Year Experience Programs Will Help

  • Avoid the Sophomore Slump.
  • Enhance friendships and connections made during your first year faculty, staff and students.
  • Become more involved on campus
  • Develop a successful academic degree plan and career path.
  • Effective use of campus resources

If you are a new transfer student at Texas Tech, check out Transfer Connection.

Who are Sophomores?

A sophomore is defined in academic terms by the number of academic credit hours completed 30-60 hours at Texas Tech. A sophomore student can also be defined as a student in the 3rd full semester of college (excludes concurrent enrollment in high school).