Texas Tech University

Sophomore Slump


What is the sophomore slump?

Lemons and Richmond (1987) define sophomore slump as a "period of developmental confusion" and hypothesize that "sophomore slump results from student's struggles with achieving competence, desiring autonomy, establishing identity, and developing purpose."

Am I experiencing the sophomore slump?

The sophomore slump is a time of uncertainty and a time for growth. How will you know if you are experiencing symptoms of the sophomore slump? Answer the following questionnaire to find out.

Do you find yourself wondering...

  • What am I doing here at Texas Tech University?
  • Why do I have more questions now than during my first year?
  • Are the people I hang around with really my friends?
  • Why am I majoring in this, if I don't even like it?
  • Why do I feel constantly overwhelmed?
  • Why am I so confused about my future?
  • Why am I not having as much fun as last year?
  • Why do I feel like my parents are always pressuring me to know what I want to do with my life?
  • Does everyone have life all figured out but me?
  • Why am I so unmotivated?

If you find yourself answering yes to three or more of these questions since arriving at Texas Tech University, you could be suffering from the Sophomore Slump

How do I beat sophomore slump?

If you think you might be experiencing the "slump", there are many things you can do to cope:

  1. Take care of your physical well-being by:
    • Eating regularly and get enough sleep
    • Get involved in intramural sports
    • Take a group exercise class at the student recreation center
  2. Meet with your academic advisor
    • Explore classes that look fascinating
    • Take a class for fun or self-expression
    • Make a personal connection with a faculty member
    • Look into and utilize the available academic support services
  3. Become involved in extracurricular activities
  4. Visit the Student Counseling Center, located in the Student Wellness Center, 806-742-3674
    • Realize that the sophomore slump is normal
    • Identify if your schedule is too demanding or if you are over-committed
    • Identify underlying stressors
    • Learn means to assert your evolving identity
  5. Visit the Career Center, located in the Wiggins Complex, 806-742-2210
    • Take the strong interest inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to find what types of careers or majors would be best for you
    • Explore possible majors and learn about the careers associated with them
    • Learn about internship opportunities