Congratulations & Welcome

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I'm Admitted!  Now what?

Congratulations on your admission to Texas Tech University! The college application process is rigorous, and we know you must be feeling relieved to have been admitted. But what comes next?

Personalized Tasklist

We've compiled an admitted student tasklist that takes you step-by-step through the process of enrolling at Texas Tech University. This site is a portal to your next steps.

Within your custom tasklist, you can check off each item when you have completed or finished reviewing.

Get your guns up and get started!

Your first step is to sign in with your eRaider. This log in is different than the Raider Connect credentials you used during the Admissions process.

Sign in with your eRaider

If you are having issues logging into the Admitted Student Tasklist, make sure your eRaider is working.