Texas Tech University

FYRE Peer Leaders

FYRE Peer Leaders play a vital role in helping incoming freshmen adjust to the rigors of college life. They can be a major influence on a first-year student's educational goals as well as instrumental in the successful transition of a student's life at Texas Tech.

FYRE Peer Leaders will be assigned to one RaiderReady course and assist the RaiderReady instructor in meeting the goals of the course and program. While working with students in a classroom environment, FYRE Peer Leaders discuss a myriad of topics ranging from academic to personal responsibilities. They help first-year students explore factors involving adjusting to college culture, planning a course of study, selecting a career, and much more.

The FYRE Peer Leader is: The FYRE Peer Leader is not:
  • Expected to support the co-curricular aspects of the RaiderReady course
  • Knowledgeable about resources and campus support for students that might be struggling with academic or transition challenges
  • Knowledgeable and skilled in using campus technology including Blackboard and RaiderLink
  • Able to make connections with students outside of class through individual student meetings, attendance at campus events, social media and more.
  • A teaching assistant for the course
  • Trained to serve as an academic advisor
  • An academic tutor
  • A replacement for university student support services

Meet the Peer Leaders

Name Summary
Appenroth, Lauren Appenroth, Lauren Business Management Frisco, TX  
Fleming, Savanna Fleming, Savanna Communication Studies Lubbock, Texas
Gilbert, Samuel Gilbert, Samuel Marketing and Management Goldthwaite, TX
Magon, Ciera Magon, Ciera Cell and Molecular Biology Kingsville, TX
McLelland, Rachel McLelland, Rachel Anthropology/Pre-Med Tijeras, NM
Miranda, Alexandra Miranda, Alexandra Biology, Pre-Med El Paso, TX
Neal, Taylor Neal, Taylor Accounting Brady, Texas
Noakes, Connor Noakes, Connor Supply Chain Management Kingwood, TX  
Ortegon, Ryan Ortegon, Ryan Electronic Media and Communication El Paso, TX
Paturu, Yogi Paturu, Yogi Chemical Engineering Austin, TX
Seale, Tyler Seale, Tyler Anthropology Navasota, TX
Zimmerman, Anna Zimmerman, Anna Political Science Georgetown, TX


If you have questions about serving as a Peer Leader or a cooperating RaiderReady Instructor, please email studentengagement@ttu.edu.