Texas Tech University

Ciera Magon

Peer Leader
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Kingsville, TX
Ciera Magon

Meet Ciera

Fun Facts

What is your favorite place at Texas Tech?

Asking me to pick one thing about my favorite place is impossible, so I have managed to narrow it down to two things; the faculty and the campus itself. The faculty here is unlike any other faculty I have experienced. Having transferred here, I can honestly say that they want nothing more than for you to succeed. If you are struggling in a class and go in and talk about it, they are more than willing to help you find options to learn better. They find offers for you, whether job or research related. And they love to see how you grow over the semesters. I also fell in love with the physical campus. The old architecture of everything and the full blooming trees and flowers everywhere, has to be the prettiest sight in all of Texas.

What is your favorite Texas Tech tradition?

My favorite Tech tradition is the Goin' Band from Raiderland. I love walking across campus in the fall and being able to listen to them practice almost all day long. I love going to sporting events, like football and basketball, and having them there to support our Red Raiders. They do an amazing job of getting the crowds wild and rowdy with their talent and personalities. Another amazing thing about our band is that they are nationally recognized. It is one of the best feelings telling people that you are from Texas Tech and they respond with, “y'all are the one with the excellent band, right?”

What are you involved in on-campus?

I am involved in a lot of Pre – med societies such as Bernard Harris Pre – Medical Society, MAPS, and AMWA. Through these organizations, I've had the pleasure of volunteering over Lubbock at places like the Ronald McDonald House, homeless shelters, tutoring school kids, the Free Clinic of Lubbock, and even here on campus. I also have an on campus job, working at one of the dining halls here.