Texas Tech University

Rachel McLelland

Peer Leader
  • Anthropology/Pre-Med
  • Tijeras, NM
Rachel McLelland

Meet Rachel

Hey y'all! My name is Rachel McLelland and I am from Tijeras, NM (right outside of Albuquerque)! Going to college, I knew I wanted to find somewhere not only with great academics, but where school pride was everywhere! I toured Tech and knew this was the place for me! You probably won't meet a bigger Red Raider fan than I am, so if you want to know anything or need a friend, send me an email!

Fun Facts

What was your first day on campus like?

My first day on campus was actually great! I was so excited to finally start college and the anticipation for my first class was killing me! Tech already felt like home and I was excited to fully integrate myself into the Red Raider family! After my first day, it was hard to believe I had survived my first day of college but it was awesome!

What advice would you give an incoming student?

Get involved! Coming to college, especially if you are traveling from home, can be scary, but Tech is like a big family! There are so many things to get involved in, on and off campus that will make college that more memorable! Being apart of orientation and camp is already getting you connected and aware of some of what's going on in Lubbock! Join as many or as few clubs as you would like, but do it wholeheartedly! You'll make friendships and memories you'll never forget!

What was your biggest fear about coming to college?

My biggest fear about coming to college was not knowing anybody. I was the only person from tiny high school that came to Tech, and although my cousin was attending Tech, knowing one person out of 35,000 was daunting. I was fortunate to go to a camp called Foundation Retreat that introduced me to people, but honestly going to Welcome Week events and talking to people in class, I made some of my lifelong friends! College is a place where you can make friends you will keep for a lifetime, so don't let your fear keep you from missing out on some of the greatest people you'll ever meet!