Texas Tech University

Alexandra Miranda

Peer Leader
  • Biology, Pre-Med
  • El Paso, TX
Alexandra Miranda

Meet Alexandra

Welcome to Raiderland! My name is Alexandra and I'm a proud red raider. I'm an avid coffee drinker and the biggest sports fanatic you'll ever meet. You can catch me at all the Tech basketball and football games. In my spare time, I love going to the Rec Center and doing Crossfit.

Fun Facts

What was your first day on campus like?

My first day on campus was nerve wracking. I remember being so apprehensive about being a freshman on such a big campus, but after my first class, I quickly found myself moving along the same pace as all the other students. The professors were reassuring and everyone was in the same boat as I was, so it felt less different. I made so many new friends in my classes, and right after, we all went to go get lunch.

What advice would you give an incoming student?

Be excited!! You decided to come to this university for all of the right reasons. Everyone is willing to help out around and there's so much to get involved with. We have clubs for basically any interest you can think of. Don't forget to devote time to your studies because it's important. Finding the right balance between time is crucial, and everyone figures out what schedules work best for them.

What was your biggest fear about coming to college?

Coming into college, I was terrified of getting home sick. Being five hours away from home felt bizarre at first because I had never been without parents to guide me. When I actually got to college, none of my fears stuck around. There are times when you get a little sad about being away, but your friends quickly become your support group. With all the events going on around campus, its hard to even think about free time!