Texas Tech University

Ryan Ortegon

Peer Leader
  • Electronic Media and Communication
  • El Paso, TX
Ryan Ortegon

Meet Ryan

I am a fun, outgoing guy who is easy to talk to. I love to meet new people and share a ton of laughs. You can catch me both on the basketball court and on the dance floor this summer. I love everything about Texas Tech, it is such a fun and welcoming environment.

Fun Facts

What was your first day on campus like?

My first day on campus was a little scary trying to figure out where my classes were and getting used to my schedule. I actually sat in the wrong class for my economics class and had to walk out and find out which class was mine.

What was your biggest fear about coming to college?

My biggest fear about coming to college was not being able to handle the work load, but as I found out as long as you keep yourself organized you can definitely handle it.

What advice would you give an incoming student?

Get out of your comfort zone! Talk to one new person in each of your classes, go to TAB events, going an intramural sport, and meet new people everywhere you go.