Texas Tech University

Yogi Paturu

Peer Leader
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Austin, TX
Yogi Paturu

Meet Yogi

Hi, my name is Yogi! I'm a Chemical Engineering major from Austin. I transferred from Drexel University to Tech in Fall of 2014. My hobbies include collecting stamps, writing limericks, and keeping up with the stock market. Just kidding! I play Ultimate Frisbee for Tech, and I enjoy making people laugh.

Fun Facts

What was your biggest fear about transferring?

I came back from Philadelphia for the last orientation session, so one of my fears was not being able to find housing in time. I imagined arriving, learning that all housing in Lubbock is filled, and having to no where to stay. Fortunately, this was not the case. I think I ended up signing my lease the weekend before classes started--yeah, cutting it real close but I had choices even though I came so late.

Why did you choose to attend Texas Tech?

As a Chemical Engineer in the Northeast, opportunity for internships/co-ops/jobs in Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, and Chemical companies were plentiful but not in Energy and Petrochemical companies. Texas, as you might expect, has more of these jobs than anywhere else in the country. Texas Tech, having one of the best Chemical Engineering programs in the country and, seemed like an obvious choice because it is a hub for Energy and Petrochemical recruiters.

Recently, crude oil prices fell dramatically and illustrated the unpredictability of the industry. Perhaps, it's not the most stable industry to get into. Because of this, I had enough reason to at least consider transferring out of Tech. Energy and Petrochemicals was the whole reason I came to Tech for the first place. But, staying at Tech was so appealing to me because my professors and advisors care about my success. I don't feel like a number here. And it shows. I have relationships with my professors and remember material from past classes. Yeah, past classes, I know!

I came to Tech for one reason but stayed for an entirely different reason.

What is your most embarrassing moment at Texas Tech so far?

This one time on the bus, a girl sitting in front of me was taking a selfie. Seated directly behind her, I noticed this and photobombed her picture. When she realized I was in this picture, she glanced back and took another one. I couldn't resist, so I photobombed again. Disheartened, she gave up. She put her phone away and get off at the next stop.
I don't think she got the joke.