Texas Tech University

Tyler Seale

Peer Leader
  • Anthropology
  • Navasota, TX
Tyler Seale

Meet Tyler

Hey y'all! I'm OBSESSED with Parks and Rec, and the Office. I am a Texas Tech Terry scholar and the proud mom of the world's cutest cat, Dixie Lou. There's nothing I love more than West Texas, Red Raider Baseball, Texas Country Music, and two stepping!

Fun Facts

What was your first day on campus like?

My first day on campus went really smoothly. I looked for my classes the day before so I wouldn't get lost, and all the professors that I met that day are still some of my favorites that I have ever had.

What advice would you give an incoming student?

It's okay to join a club that is focused on something you may have never tried before. Likewise, it's okay to take an elective or something that's totally outside your realm of experience. Trying new things is what college is about. Meet people that aren't like you. Read a book about something you've never heard of. Go on that OPC trip. CHALLENGE YOURSELF. That's the only way you grow.

What was your biggest fear about coming to college?

My biggest fear about coming to college was that I would be lost by the wayside. I went to a small high school and was president of everything-- I thought that when I came to Tech I would never get to be involved in something like orientation, athletics, etc. But obviously you can still carve a unique spot out for yourself within the student body!