Texas Tech University

Lauren Appenroth

Peer Leader
  • Business Management
  • Frisco, TX


Lauren Appenroth

Meet Lauren

Hey there! My name is Lauren Appenroth & I'm from Frisco, TX which is about 20 minutes north of Dallas. I enjoy sleeping, eating, & watching movies with my roommates. Bring me chips & queso or a caramel macchiato from Starbucks & we can be best friends! Can't wait to meet all the new incoming Red Raiders this summer. WRECK 'EM!

Fun Facts

What was your first day on campus like?

My first day on campus was when I moved into my dorm a week before starting the first week of classes freshman year. I remember being excited, but scared to finally be on my own without my parents living right downstairs from me. The moment I stepped on campus I just knew it felt like home to me & a place I could see myself spending my next 4 years building long lasting friendships with people that share the same goals & aspirations as me.

What advice would you give an incoming student?

GO TO ALL YOUR CLASSES!! A lot of professors require attendance as part of your overall grade for classes, but you will always have those classes where attendance doesn't count & it makes it that much harder to go to those classes especially if you get stuck with an 8am. You're paying to go to Texas Tech & if you skip class it is basically like throwing your money away. It also helps to make at least one friend in each class & exchange numbers the first week of classes in order to help keep you motivated & they can also work as a study buddy when time for exams rolls around.

What was your biggest fear about coming to college?

My biggest fear about coming to college was being a 5 hour drive away from home & coming here without knowing anyone. I chose Texas Tech because it felt like home to me, not because I had other friends coming here. I basically came to college knowing a handful of people but not actually having any close friends by my side. Welcome week (the week before classes) was honestly a big help in me meeting new friends & it's a plus that you get a million opportunities to get free stuff.