Texas Tech University

Savanna Fleming

Peer Leader
  • Communication Studies
  • Lubbock, Texas
Savanna Fleming

Meet Savanna

Hi! My name is Savanna Fleming and I am a transfer student from West Texas A&M University. I grew up in a Bed & Breakfast right across the street from Texas Tech and appreciate this University even more now that I am a Red Raider. I look forward to helping you during your transition to Texas Tech in any way I can!

Fun Facts

What is your favorite Texas Tech tradition and why?
My favorite Texas Tech Tradition is the march to the stadium the band takes before every home game. My mom was a member of the goin' band and made it mandatory for my siblings and I to march with the band to the home games, even if we didn't have tickets.

Why did you choose to attend Texas Tech?
I chose to attend Texas Tech because I finally realized the amazing traditions and opportunities here. Even though I grew up in Lubbock, I never payed attention or listened to my parents when they raved about this University. They would always tell me that Texas Tech really shaped them into the wonderful individuals that they are today, and now I am finally taking advantage of the opportunities that lie within this University.

Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus?
My favorite place to hang out on campus is in the Mass Communications building on the third floor. I know that seems really specific but there are a lot of comfortable chairs and charging stations for a quick break between classes or a good place to work on a group project.