Texas Tech University

First Year Leadership Institute

What is FYLI?

The First Year Leadership Institute (FYLI) is a 8 week program designed to help new students develop their personal and professional skills so they can be more successful both in and out of the classroom and have a positive impact on the Texas Tech community.

Get involved.

Build your resume.

Develop your leadership skills.

Make the most of your time at TTU.


Program Schedule
Week 1 Program overview, introductions & getting to know your peers
Week 2 What is a leader?
 Week 3 Identifying your personal leadership style
Week 4 Working with, including & understanding those different than you
 Week 5 Networking & professional communication
 Week 6 TTU student leader panel
 Week 7 Interview & resume workshop
 Week 8 Graduation


Meet the Peer Mentors

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"First year students should join FYLI if they are looking to develop themselves in better ways. You will learn leadership skills, communication skills, professional skills, life skills, and make many new friends. There is no standard definition to who can be a leader, but you can make yourself a leader with the right tools, and FYLI will help you to establish that."

Nejahla Hopkins
Public Relations
Houston, Texas

"FYLI will present you with a multitude of skills such as resume development and networking. Then just as valuable is the opportunity to make friends and learn and grow from influential people such as your peers and the peer mentors."

Hunter Robinson
Dallas, Texas