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Be a Part of Hub City Fest

What is Hub City Fest?

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Taking place during the first week of classes, the Hub City Fest is designed to help new and current students learn about all the Hub City has to offer! At the HCF, businesses, non-profits and student organizations can share their message and make connections with their newest potential customers. This is a great time to share resources, recruit participants and volunteers, and to be a part of the Texas Tech University campus. At similar events, exhibitors hand out samples, create interactive booths, and sponsor raffles or giveaways! Take advantage of the one-of-a- kind opportunity to connect with Texas Tech students!

The Attendees

New Students

Texas Tech expects over 8,500 new students in the Fall of 2017. Last Fall, Texas Tech had an enrollment of over 36,000 students. Similar recent events have had over 2,000 student attendees.

New to the Lubbock Area

90% of incoming Texas Tech students in 2016 were from more than 70 miles outside of Lubbock. The vast majority of these students needed information about Lubbock businesses and the community as a whole.

Successful Hub City Fest Exhibitors will consider:

  • Creating an interactive booth
  • Providing samples of their product
  • Distributing coupons for future sales
  • Hosting a raffle or product giveaways

Please note:  The purpose of Hub City Fest is educational. No selling, price posting or lease signing will be allowed at the event.


Businesses $100 Approximately 27' wide X 15' deep space  (3 Parking Spaces)
Non-Profits $50 Approximately 27' wide X 15' deep space (3 Parking Spaces)
Student Organizations $50 Approximately 27' wide X 15' deep space (3 Parking Spaces)


Steps to Participate

  1. Return signed Contract
  2. Submit Payment
  3. Review Exhibitor Manual 
  4. Attend Hub City Fest!


For more information and to reserve your booth, email studentengagement@ttu.edu or call 806-742-2993.