2014 Outstanding Raiders Who Rock

Avery Henley Rocks Mutual Respect

Every student, client, or faculty member Avery Henley comes in contact with is treated with respect and dignity. Avery is a student employee at the Fitness and Wellness Center at the Student Recreation center, where she is employed as a group exercise instructor for barre, a ballet toning class. No matter her client’s shape, size, ethnicity, gender, or age Avery treats each of her clients with the utmost respect. Students she has taught and faculty that she has worked with speak highly of her ability to make them feel special and appreciated as individuals.

Dr. Sam Jackson Rocks Cooperation & Communication

Dr. Jackson is the Associate Chair and Associate Professor in Animal and Food Sciences. He was nominated by two of his students. Both students identified Dr. Jackson’s willingness to discuss their goals, help them develop beneficial contacts, as well as help them locate professional opportunities. Most importantly, his students recognize his eagerness to listen when they discuss their future goals and standpoints. Dr. Jackson exemplifies cooperation and communication in all aspects of instruction.

Megan Hatcher Rocks Creativity & Innovation

In the Fall of 2014, the Guns up Forevermore Scholarship was created and implemented by Megan Hatcher, the president of the Resident’s Hall Association. Megan immediately noticed the need for a peer-to-peer scholarship at Texas Tech University, and observed the opportunity to provide a creative way to put this new innovation into place. Her dedication to this scholarship is observed through her ability to raise over 7,000 dollars in contributions far before the launch of Guns Up Forevermore. Megan’s countless hours of diligent work and attention has ultimately led to the opportunity for students to give back to their fellow students in a way never seen before at Texas Tech.

CassandraRodriguez Rocks Community Service & Leadership

Cassandra Rodriguez displays community service and leadership as Texas Tech staff member, as a parent, as well as a member of the Lubbock community. As a Texas Tech staff member in Transportation and Parking services Cassandra develops fundraisers for the March of Dimes and encourages others to attend the Walk for Autism Awareness and CASA walks and runs. She is always the first to donate to the Toys for Tots benefit. As a parent, Cassandra instills the importance of volunteering and selfless giving to her children. Throughout the Lubbock community Cassandra and her family have volunteered as Salvation Army bell ringers, worked at homeless shelters, and delivered hot chocolate to those in need at Tent City.

Dillon Donald Rocks Pursuit of Excellence

Dillon Donald sets an example for students across Texas Tech University. He pursues excellence in his academics, professional experiences, and personal lifestyle. Dillon maintains an impressive grade point average in Finance. Dillon is also highly involved in his academic college as a Rawls Business Leadership program. As an employee of City Banke Dillon not only gains academic related experience, he also financially supports himself and funds his own education. In his personal life, he is defined as a true and selfless friend. Dillon’s nominator, Kacie Phillips defines Dillon as, “success driven, self-sufficient, and hard working.”

Cindy Sebek - Public Accountability

In 2013, The Gracious Gift Wine business was founded by former alumni Cindy Sebek. The Gracious Gift Wine is far more than a company, it is way to feed those who are hungry all across Texas. As of March 2014 , The Gracious Gift wine profits have served over 30,000 meals to local food banks all across Texas. Her nominator and former professor tells us, “Cindy exemplifies the idea that businesses are not only accountable to shareholders, but also, other external stakeholders in society.”

Connect To Tech - Diversity

Connect to Tech is a group of psychology and education student leaders dedicated to helping students with disabilities succeed at Texas Tech University. Their team has created a student organization that puts on a variety events that allow students to develop meaningful friendships all while getting involved. This extraoridnary group of students see the importance of helping students with disabilities get the most out of their college experience.

Bradley K. Boyce Rocks Academic Integrity

Bradley is a student and an undergraduate assistant in the University Studies department. Bradley upholds academic integrity through his respect for both his peers and professors. His nominator and professor Gail Bentley expresses Bradley’s respect for fellow students and his personal responsibility towards his academic efforts. She tells us, “his work is indicative of earning his grade honestly, respect for me as his instructor to grade his unique work fairly, and a high level of personal responsibility for his individual work” . Bradley’s willingness to learn and exceed expectations identifies his integrity in academics.