Raiders Who Rock Nominees

All Raiders Who Rock nominees and their nominators are honored at the Raiders Who Rock Banquet, and the top nominee from each category will be announced and will receive a special award. The Raiders Who Rock Banquet is an opportunity to publicly honor and reward students, faculty, staff and organizations who exemplify the eight Ethical Principles.

  • Raiders Who Rock Mutual Respect
  • Raiders Who Rock Cooperation and Communication
  • Raiders Who Rock Creativity and Innovation
  • Raiders Who Rock Community Service and Leadership
  • Raiders Who Rock Pursuit of Excellence
  • Raiders Who Rock Public Accountability
  • Raiders Who Rock Diversity
  • Raiders Who Rock Academic Integrity
  • Raiders Who Rock Mutual Respect

    Hoz Fierro (Outstanding Raider Who Rocks)

    Nominated by Brian Tollett and Michael Wilson

    Hoz currently serves as a Transfer Ambassador at Texas Tech University. He was nominated by two of his peers. Both of his peers identified Hoz as someone that truly embodies Mutual Respect at Texas Tech through his help toward other, whether it be to transfer students or enrichments activities for those with special needs. Hoz helps students feel at ease and included in all activities through his active involvement with Transfer Ambassadors by encouraging them to become involved on campus and more. One of his nominators says, "Who is Hoz Fierro? Why should he be recognized among fellow Red Raiders? Because he dreams no little dreams." Let us give Hoz Fierro a round of applause for being a Raider Who Rocks through Mutual Respect!

    Madeleine Cloutier
    Nominated by Kacie Phillips

    Bernice Flett
    Nominated by Ryan Van Dusen

    Pam Patton
    Nominated by Alexandria Lyon

    Dylan Saucedo
    Nominated by Jordan Mech

    Brad Yates
    Nominated by Donell Callender


    Raiders Who Rock Cooperation and Communication

    Adelaide Castillo (Outstanding Raider Who Rocks)
    Nominated by Johanna Valencia

    Adelaide Castillo is the Fitness and Wellness Student Supervisor for RecSports. Adelaide was chosen because of her passion for helping others, passion for fitness and her ability to lead. She is an all-star above keeping her GPA high, working three jobs and making a great impact on instructors in the Rec Sports program. She was nominated because she knows how to efficiently organize and lead her staff, work with students and professional staff in order to do what is best for programs. Let us give Adelaide Castillo a round of applause for all of her hard work.

    Jasmine Banks
    Nominated by Meryl Benham

    Richelle Hair
    Nominated by Narissra Punyanunt-Carter

    India Student Association (ISA)
    Nominated by The TTU Ethics Center

    Christy Norfleet
    Nominated by Kym Ruiz

    Stacy Poteet
    Nominated by Gracen Daniel

    Jordan Ryan
    Nominated by Catherine Nutter

    Bindu Upadhyaya
    Nominated by Tenicia Bartly

    Dr. Richard Verrone
    Nominated by Bertha Munuku

    Mark O. Webb
    Nominated by Virginia Downs


    Raiders Who Rock Creativity and Innovation

    Elo Chukwuma (Outstanding Raider Who Rocks)

    Nominated by Donna Srader, Carol Trigg and Nicole Noble

    Elo is an Electrical engineering Masters student. He assisted the University Career Center make an innovative leap by creating a Webinar called GoToWebinar to make it easier for students to attend University Career Center Presentations. Elo's willingness to always help whether it was his day off or not was always refreshing to see from the University Career Center. He created a learning environment that reaches the many on-campus and distance students. Elo's creativity and innovation made technology accessible to the University Career Center to reach current students and Alumni with life-long learning opportunities. Let us give Elo Chukwuma a round of applause for all of his hard work.

    Holly Bosak
    Nominated by Melanie Tatum

    Pamela Carrizales
    Nominated by Christine Self

    Vanessa Garcia
    Nominated by Johanna Valencia

    Honors College Bell House Captains: Nadia Tello, Rachel Ortega, Nestor Rodriguez, Kayla Cox, Zack Buford, Unique Jacobo
    Nominated by Bell House Heads: Sarah Timmons, Lori Lightfoot, Dr. Jim Brink

    Jackie Kimbler
    Nominated by Melanie Tatum

    Damian Madrid
    Nominated by Sydney Kim

    Megan Ohlmann
    Nominated by Danielle Keiner


    Raiders Who Rock Community Service & Leadership

    Ileana Hinojosa (Outstanding Raider Who Rocks)

    Nominated by Dr. Marla Britton-Johnson and Dr. Greg Gellene

    Ileana Hinojosa is an academic adviser in Pre-Professiona Health Careers who routinely exceeds the expectation of her position in the area of leadership and community service. From spending extra time when needed with students and their parents, assisting coworkers, and volunteering to represent PPHC at recruitment events, Ileana contributes generously in all of those areas by proactively keeping students on track. Teaching a Raider Ready class and advising the Texas Tech chapter of the Minority Association of Pre-medical students highlight some of what makes Ileana so special. Let us give Illeana a round of applause for all of her hard work.

    Julie Davis
    Nominated by Meryl Benham

    Habesha Student Association (HSA)
    Nominated by Ralph Ferguson

    Honors College Ambassadors
    Nominated by Lori Lightfoot

    Justin Hughes
    Nominated by Narissra Punyanunt-Carter

    Stephanie Ibarra
    Nominated by Meryl Benham

    Caroline Owen

    Nominated by Sarah L Foley

    Stacy Philip
    Nominated by Lindsey Collins

    Britton Smith
    Nominated by Rodrick Thomas

    Virginia Stokes
    Nominated by Shawn Adams, Samuel Pixley, and the fellowship of Canterbury Episcopal Campus Ministries

    Mariah Williams
    Nominated by Ann Marie Casiraghi


    Raiders Who Rock Pursuit of Excellence

    Alberto Ponce (Outstanding Raider Who Rocks)

    Nominated by Kristina Batson

    Alberto Ponce sets an example for students across Texas Tech University. He is very innovative dedicated and passionate about Architecture. He puts an exorbitant amount of time and effort to ensure the quality of his work is pristine. He is always seeking out new opportunities to learn: whether it be through reading books, entering competitions, or researching concepts on his own. Alberto has entered the Dean's Cup (a competition open to all undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Architecture) each year he has attended Texas Tech. He has won first place overall the past two years. His motto is "All day, every day." Alberto goes above and beyond as a student from advocating himself in the professional world to being involved on campus. Let us give Alberto a round of applause for all of his hard work.

    Annie Archuleta
    Nominated by Rodrick Thomas

    Lacey Ellis
    Nominated by PeeWee Roberson

    Geoffrey Graybeal
    Nominated by Media Entrepreneurial Students and Staff

    Julie Jun
    Nominated by Oak-Hee Park

    April Pavelka
    Nominated by Johanna Valencia

    Jeremy Sedeno
    Nominated by Ryan Van Dusen

    Johanna Valencia
    Nominated by Dr. Teddy Rodriguez

    University Advising Student Assistants
    Nominated by University Advising and The Office of the Provost

    Hannah Wilhite
    Nominated by Claire Fowler

    Brad Yates
    Nominated by Lucy Fowler


    Raiders Who Rock Public Accountability

    Amber Fly (Outstanding Raider Who Rocks)

    Nominated by Meryl Benham

    Amber Fly serves as a teaching fellow to Professor Cassie Christopher. She has the opportunity to mentor first-year students through difficult assignments and the stressful transition into law school. Amber works tirelessly on both the Business & Bankruptcy Law Journal and the Texas Bank Lawyer Publications, demonstrating her commitment to bettering the scholastic achievements of students and the law school as a whole. A colleague added, "Amber's work was on point, timely and beneficial... I can't thank her enough for easing my overburdened load. Most impressive is she did this all at a distance." Her commitment is what makes her such a deserving candidate. Let us give Amber a round of applause for all of her hard work.

    Thaddeus C Brock
    Nominated by Ali Joy Luempert

    Dale Ganus
    Nominated by Transition & Engagement Department

    Grounds Maintenance Staff
    Nominated by The Texas Tech Students, Faculty, and Staff

    Stacy Philip
    Nominated by D'Andrea Young

    Monalisa Villalpando
    Nominated by Tenicia Bartly


    Raiders Who Rock Diversity

    Dr. Larry Phillippe (Outstanding Raider Who Rocks)

    Nominated by TECHniques Center Staff

    Dr. Larry Phillippe is the Managing Director of Student Disability Services and the TECHniques Center. He is committed to helping all students with disabilities receive the full services provided to them under the federal Americans with Disability Act Amendment while also identifying the steps the university may take to maintain compliance. Dr. Phillippe has implemented strategies and programming to aid student veterans, students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and all other qualifying disability areas. He has promoted an environment of mutual respect, appreciate and tolerance for student on campus who have diagnosed disabilities. He was instrumental in starting an IS 1100 course in Fall of 2014 to help students with diagnosed learning disabilities, which is geared more toward students and their unique needs. Without his dedication, Texas Tech would not be considered in the world of higher education as a leader of student support services. Let us give Dr. Phillippe a round of applause for all of his hard work.

    Tia Angadicheril
    Nominated by Jose Perez, Jr.

    Price Holt
    Nominated by Kevin German

    Jacek Jońca-Jasiński and Fatma Jobran
    Nominated by Siddesh Prabhu Malkarnekar

    Devi Khajishvili
    Nominated by Virginia Downs

    Mariam Massound
    Nominated by Macey Porter

    Ronnie Mondragon
    Nominated by Ryan Van Dusen

    Ryan Rathmann
    Nominated by Yewande Babalola

    D'Andrea Young
    Nominated by Jenny Sommers


    Raiders Who Rock Academic Integrity

    Dr. Jacki Fitzpatrick (Outstanding Raider Who Rocks)
    Nominated by Erin Kostina-Ritchey

    Dr. Jacki Fitzpatrick is an Associate Professor for Human Development and Family Studies. Her nominee states that the one thing that stands out about her most, is her integrity. Dr. Fitzpatrick creates an atmosphere in her classes which sets not only class standards but expectations. She shows integrity in her research above what is required in her field of academic requirements for herself and her students, which are well developed and steadfast. Students taking Dr. Fitzpatrick's classes are held to an ethical standard that is very well established and clearly communicated throughout the semester. Students are not left to their own devices to decide where a line of academic integrity should be drawn in her class. Let us give Dr. Fitzpatrick a round of applause for all of her hard work.

    Alex Greinke
    Nominated by Katherine Venincasa



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