Texas Tech University

Past Raiders Who Rock

Siria Bojorquez


Siria's Story

My mom passed away while trying to help others. Now, I simply try to follow in her footsteps and give back every chance I have. I believe the purpose of human life is to help each other and there is nothing more meaningful to me than knowing that I have helped someone else.

The Texas Tech community is what 'makes' Texas Tech, and I know first-hand that there is nothing better than being red and black! I hope to continue giving back to our community through volunteer activities and as an employee for the middle school component of LEARN INC. Talent search, a program designed to help low-income first generation students in the area. In addition, I plan to ensure that I never let a day that I spend on the Texas Tech campus go to waste. I will continue studying, working hard, traveling abroad and encouraging other prospective students to become a Raider. I hope to help them see that, "from here it's possible!"

Siria was nominated as an outstanding values leader through Texas Tech's program, Raiders Who Rock. Here's what her nominator had to say: Although there are many values that I think describe Siria, I would most describe her as a True Beauty. She has the purest heart and best intentions with everything she does. Whether it's volunteering at local non-profits, or using her platform as Miss Earth United States, she always looks for ways to help and continually puts others before herself. Her kindness is contagious and she leads by example. She inspires others to give back to the community every day. She is definitely a Raider who rocks!

Kaila Messerli


Kaila's Story

I honestly can't imagine doing anything else. Helping others is something that I have always done and something that I will continue to do in the future. It brings me joy to help other people by giving those answers or assistance when they need it. I hope that by helping someone, they, in turn, will want to help someone else in a Pay it Forward fashion.

Since I have joined Texas Tech, I have been a Community Advisor in Hulen/Clement, a Red Raider Orientation Counselor and Captain, and I have been involved in various service oriented organizations. This has helped me connect to a large group of students who I have been able to help and mentor during their first years at Texas Tech. This is something that I hope will be my legacy when I leave Texas Tech in May.

Kaila was nominated as an outstanding values leader through Texas Tech's program, Raiders Who Rock. Here's what her nominator had to say: I have never met another person as giggly and as big of a hug dispenser as Kaila Messerli. I am almost certain that if you look up the definition of optimism in the dictionary, Kaila's beaming smile will be pictured next to it. You would never know by speaking to Kaila the magnitude of the struggles she has had to endure. I cannot disclose the details, but I promise it is more than the average person has to endure. Although her circumstances have been far from desirable, Kaila has made the absolute best out of every situation. She practically invented the silver lining. She also has enough school spirit for half of the Jones Stadium! Kaila has been a leader and an officer in Red Raider Orientation and is a community advisor in Clement Hall. She goes above and beyond her duties for both positions, not only for her residents or orientation groups, but also for her coworkers. She is the necessary "pep" that our staff needs and we would suffer without her. Kaila inspires me to remain optimistic and to treat others with love, just as she has treated me.

Alicia Henson


Alicia's Story

My love language lies in acts of service. I express how I value others by helping others. It is the simplest and purest way to thrust positive energy into the world. I rejoice in genuine interactions with others. Opportunities to connect on any level and encourage feelings of belonging in others inspire me to help in any way I can. 

My favorite way to give back to the community at Texas Tech University is through my position as a Prelaw Community Advisor. Each day, due to the opportunities my job provides, I get to help a fellow Red Raider. As a military brat, I moved around the country about eight times. Each fall, I get to help new students transition into their new homes, their new community. Expressing you care about other people is the surest way to secure personal happiness and acceptance. Every smile, every moment of realization, every instance of new understanding that I get to experience with my residents is the most gratifying opportunity I will continue to seize until I graduate Texas Tech University.

Alicia was nominated as an outstanding values leader through Texas Tech's program, Raiders Who Rock. Here's what her nominator had to say: I have never met someone who loves Texas Tech as much as Alicia. She is an amazing CA that goes above and beyond to make her resident's Tech experience memorable, while also teaching them to be responsible and safe. She is involved in a number of organizations including Alpha Psi Omega, Student Housing, and will be running the Pre Law learning community in one of the dorms next year. She is an inspiration and a joy to everyone she comes in contact with. She does so much for Tech and asks nothing in return. She is the definition of a Raider who Rocks!