Texas Tech University

The Crew


Meet the Red Raider Orientation staff! “The Crew” will be your guides to getting started at Texas Tech. They are current undergraduate student leaders selected and trained to assist at Red Raider Orientation.

They act as guides, small group leaders, mentors and resources for new students. They also help guide students and parents through many activities and sessions that take place during orientation.

Get to know them now and get ready to become a member of our Red Raider family!

Name Major Year
Agu, Jennifer Agu, Jennifer Sophomore Biochemistry
Alexander, Abby Alexander, Abby Sophomore Multidisciplinary Studies
Andrews, Radha Andrews, Radha Junior Public Relations
Arriaga, Gigi Arriaga, Gigi Sophomore Journalism
Baker, Lauren Baker, Lauren Sophomore Kinesiology
Bankston, Micha Bankston, Micha Sophomore Kinesiology
Batalova, Anna Batalova, Anna Sophomore Interior Design
Bolton, Trey Bolton, Trey Junior Psychology
Cain, Maggie Cain, Maggie Senior Mathematics
Carroll-Linden, Robert Carroll-Linden, Robert Senior Science
Chapman, Maura Chapman, Maura Junior Honors Arts & Letters; Pre-Law
Cobb, Kynzee Cobb, Kynzee Sophomore Kinesiology
Downey, Maddie Downey, Maddie Senior Retail Management
Fernandez, Lisann Fernandez, Lisann Junior Marketing
Flores, Diego Flores, Diego Sophomore Psychology
Garcia, Shane Garcia, Shane Sophomore Creative Media Industries
Gee, Anterian Gee, Anterian Junior Computer Science
Gonzales, Savannah Gonzales, Savannah Junior Human Development and Family Studies
Gonzales, Sasha Gonzales, Sasha Senior Psychology
Gordon, Patricia Gordon, Patricia Sophomore Psychology & American Sign Language/English Interpreting
Gove, Timothy Gove, Timothy Junior Accounting
Gray, Kailie Gray, Kailie Junior Nursing
Griffin, Tatum Griffin, Tatum Sophomore Multi Interdisciplinary Studies (Elementary Ed.)
Griffin, Lauren Griffin, Lauren Sophomore English
Griswold, Abel Griswold, Abel Junior Marketing
Guzman, Kaylyn Guzman, Kaylyn Sophomore Animal Science
Harris, Wyland Harris, Wyland Senior Computer Science
Henderson, Jeffrey Henderson, Jeffrey Junior Energy Commerce
Hernandez, Samantha Hernandez, Samantha Junior Accounting
Hill, Abigale Hill, Abigale Junior Elementary Education
Hines, Nicholas Hines, Nicholas Senior Political Science
Holguin, Kassandra Holguin, Kassandra Sophomore Animal Science; Pre-Vet
Kenda, Taylor Kenda, Taylor Junior Mechanical Engineering
Labbruzzo, Nicole Labbruzzo, Nicole Senior Finance
Lucker, Brianna Lucker, Brianna Junior General Studies
McWilliams, Sally McWilliams, Sally Sophomore Journalism
Medrano, Desiree Medrano, Desiree Junior Human Development and Family Studies
Mendoza, Saidee Mendoza, Saidee Sophomore Biology
Merryman, Cameron Merryman, Cameron Sophomore Mathematics
Mirza, Josh Mirza, Josh Sophomore Finance
Morger, Liz Morger, Liz Senior Psychology
Ndubuisi, Chidera Ndubuisi, Chidera Sophomore Human Development and Family Studies
Newham, Bailee Newham, Bailee Sophomore Biochemistry
Njumbe, Ebude Njumbe, Ebude Junior Accounting
Nkrumah, Dennis Nkrumah, Dennis Junior Philosophy
Northcott, Molly Northcott, Molly Junior Public Relations and Advertising
Nwankwo, Christopher Nwankwo, Christopher Sophomore Mechanical Engineering
Nwoko, Destiny Nwoko, Destiny Senior Biology
Ojeh, Destiny Ojeh, Destiny Junior Kinesiology
Pannell, Savannah Pannell, Savannah Sophomore Human Development and Family Studies
Paredes, Lorenzo Paredes, Lorenzo Junior Accounting
Pecina, Mariana Pecina, Mariana Junior Human Science
Plunk, Jacee Plunk, Jacee Sophomore Agricultural Communications
Prince, Lauren Prince, Lauren Senior Psychology
Quijano, Ana Paula Quijano, Ana Paula Sophomore Human Development and Family Studies
Quinn, Trevor Quinn, Trevor Junior Accounting
Rash, Brinkley Rash, Brinkley Sophomore Journalism
Rice, Madison Rice, Madison Sophomore Biology
Robinson, Claire Robinson, Claire Sophomore Human Sciences
Rosiles, Mateo Rosiles, Mateo Junior Journalism
Sanchez-Perales, Mariana Sanchez-Perales, Mariana Sophomore Art - Graphic Design
Senne, Ethan Senne, Ethan Sophomore Chemical Engineering
Sessions, Madeline Sessions, Madeline Senior Nutrition and Dietetics
Shelton, Jade Shelton, Jade Sophomore Psychology
Smith, Kelvin Smith, Kelvin Sophomore Kinesiology
Smith, Hannah Smith, Hannah Sophomore Political Science
Torres, Reeka Torres, Reeka Junior Pre-Nursing
Ugwu, Terry-Maria Ugwu, Terry-Maria Sophomore Pre-Nursing
Vasquez, Christopher Vasquez, Christopher Junior History
Waghmare, Aditya Waghmare, Aditya Sophomore Electrical Engineering
Walker, Lindsey Walker, Lindsey Sophomore Agricultural Communications
Westbrook, Lola Westbrook, Lola Sophomore Public Relations
Ziegenhagen, Megan Ziegenhagen, Megan Junior Animal Science