Texas Tech University

The Crew


Meet the Red Raider Orientation staff! “The Crew” will be your guides to getting started at Texas Tech. They are current undergraduate student leaders selected and trained to assist at Red Raider Orientation.

They act as guides, small group leaders, mentors and resources for new students. They also help guide students and parents through many activities and sessions that take place during orientation.

Get to know them now and get ready to become a member of our Red Raider family!

Join the Crew

If you are a current Texas Tech undergraduate student, learn how to Join the Crew!


Name Major Year
Allred, Hannah Allred, Hannah Mathematics Sophomore
Amhanesi, Este Amhanesi, Este Nutrition Junior
Atchison, Emily Atchison, Emily Multidisciplinary Studies Sophomore
Barthold, Adam Barthold, Adam Finance Sophomore
Bass, Sarah Bass, Sarah Pre-Nursing Sophomore
Brindley, Lillie Brindley, Lillie Pre-Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Sophomore
Brown, Patxsonnia Brown, Patxsonnia Politcal Science Senior
Cain, Maggie Cain, Maggie Mathematics Sophomore
Calingo, Ethan Calingo, Ethan Pre-Nursing Sophomore
Carter, Mason Carter, Mason Finance Sophomore
Castro, Emily Castro, Emily Kinesiology Sophomore
Chambers, Emily Chambers, Emily Communication Studies & Public Relations Sophomore
Cheaney, Raven Cheaney, Raven Undeclared Sophomore
Chesnut, Ty Chesnut, Ty Personal Financial Planning Junior
Clark, Natalie Clark, Natalie Apparel Design & Manufacturing Sophomore
Colmenares, Gabriel Colmenares, Gabriel Mechanical Engineering Sophomore
Davis, Kasi Davis, Kasi Animal Science, Pre-Vet Junior
Dixon, Dasia Dixon, Dasia Energy Commerce Sophomore
Dominguez, Alicia Dominguez, Alicia Psychology Junior
Estrada, Krystal Estrada, Krystal Psychology Sophomore
Everingham, Emily Everingham, Emily Mathematics Sophomore
Fernandez, Lisann Fernandez, Lisann Marketing Sophomore
Franks, Garrett Franks, Garrett Music Education Junior
Gee, Anterian Gee, Anterian Computer Science Sophomore
Gilbert, Hannah Gilbert, Hannah Communication Studies Sophomore
Gonzalez, Sasha Gonzalez, Sasha Psychology Junior
Gordon, Faith Gordon, Faith Creative Media Sophomore
Gove, Timothy Gove, Timothy Finance and Marketing Sophomore
Guerra, Karli Guerra, Karli Business Management Sophomore
Guiterrez, Pedro Guiterrez, Pedro Pre-Nursing Sophomore
Guzman, Giselle Guzman, Giselle Communication Studies Junior
Henderson, Shelby Henderson, Shelby Personal Financial Planning Junior
Hill, Abigale Hill, Abigale Elementary Education Sophomore
Hilliard, Tyler Hilliard, Tyler Kinesiology Junior
Howard, Madison Howard, Madison Physics Sophomore
Kroner, Karlee Kroner, Karlee Pre-Nursing Sophomore
Lara, Kateleigh Lara, Kateleigh Nutritional Studies Sophomore
Lewis, Victoria Lewis, Victoria Agricultural Communications Sophomore
Loredo, Gisell Loredo, Gisell Biology Junior
McDonald, Leah McDonald, Leah Environmental Engineering Sophomore
Medrano, Desiree Medrano, Desiree Pre-Nursing Sophomore
Noble, Max Noble, Max Mechanical Engineering Sophomore
Pecina, Mariana Pecina, Mariana Human Science Sophomore
Perez-Hunt, Gabi Perez-Hunt, Gabi Economics Junior
Piepenburg, Lauren Piepenburg, Lauren Animal Science, Pre-Vet Senior
Poquiz, John Poquiz, John Biology Sophomore
Prince, Lauren Prince, Lauren Mathematics Sophomore
Quintana, Adelina Quintana, Adelina Psychology Sophomore
Quintanilla, Kottyn Quintanilla, Kottyn Electrical Engineering Sophomore
Rao, Shailesh Rao, Shailesh Mechanical Engineering Sophomore
Rayas, Christopher Rayas, Christopher Computer Science Junior
Refae, Rami Refae, Rami Mechanical Engineering Junior
Reyna, Amanda Reyna, Amanda Cell & Molecular Biology Sophomore
Rodriguez, Sarah Rodriguez, Sarah Social Work Junior
Sessions, Madeline Sessions, Madeline Nutrition Senior
Smith, Corey Smith, Corey Psychology Sophomore
Sonnenberg, Silas Sonnenberg, Silas Computer Science Junior
Soto, Abbey Soto, Abbey Multidisciplinary Studies Sophomore
Underwood, Jessica Underwood, Jessica Animal Science Sophomore
Vasquez, Graciela Vasquez, Graciela Journalism Sophomore
Viesca, Tiffany Viesca, Tiffany Theatre Arts Sophomore
Villareal, Jorge Villareal, Jorge Agricultural Communications Junior
Zuniga, Christian Zuniga, Christian Mechanical Engineering Sophomore