Ethical Principles

Strive for Honor

Act with purpose and fairness today. A lifetime of respect will follow. #StriveforHonor

Mutual Respect

Each member of the Texas Tech community has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

Cooperation and Communication

We encourage and provide opportunities for the free and open exchange of ideas both inside and outside the classroom.

Creativity and Innovation

A working and learning environment that encourages active participation.

Community Service and Leadership

Exemplary professional and community service through research, creative works, and service programs that extend beyond the university environment.

Pursuit of Excellence

Texas Tech University is committed to achieving excellence following best practices in its professional work, displaying the highest standards in its scholarly work, and offering venues to showcase national and international examples of achievement.

Public Accountability

We strive to do what is honest and ethical even if no one is watching us or compelling us to "do the right thing".


An environment of mutual respect, appreciation, and tolerance for differing values, beliefs, and backgrounds.

Academic Integrity

Being responsible for your own work ensures that grades are earned honestly.