Transfer Techsans

Transfer Techsans get their guns up at the Raidergate student tailgate.

Transfer Techsans is a peer mentor network designed to help students create connections once they transfer to Tech by providing social events, community service projects, and other activities.

Transfer students sometimes face unique challenges that may only become apparent as the semester progresses.  You might not have questions now, but you may at some point during the semester and you will know where and how to get help.

What's in it for you?

  • A built-in resource/support person who was in your shoes not too long ago who you can talk to about what to expect when you arrive on campus
  • A guide to help you find your way around, before and after classes start
  • A contact who can keep you up to date on requirements, deadlines and campus events
  • A current transfer student mentor with similar living arrangements, major, hobbies and/or other interests
  • A great way to find out how to get involved on campus, meet new people and still remain on track with academic demands

Transfer Techsans is NOT:

  • A tutoring program
  • Time-consuming
  • A parent/authority figure telling you what to do
  • "Just for nerds!"


Below is the tentative fall calendar for the Transfer Techsans organization. Keep an eye on your email for important updates. We will also be posting updates in the Transfer Techsans OrgSync, so please join that if you have not already!


The mentors for this program are current transfer students who serve as Transfer Ambassadors. If you are interested in also serving as a Transfer Ambassador, applications for the 2016 TA Team will start in November.

Join the Fun!

Mentees are new transfer students who are interested in achieving success at Texas Tech, meeting new people, and having fun!

To become a mentee, please fill out this form so we can better understand what you are hoping to get from the program and will allow us to better pair you with best mentor for you!

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"Transfer Connection is one of the best organizations that I have joined. It has helped me add to my network of friends along with helping me develop leadership as well as teamwork skills. I knew going in that I would love it, but I didn't know how much I would grow from it! I couldn't think of a better student organization for a transfer student to join."

Conner Blanton
Management Information Systems
Brock, TX
Transferred from University of North Texas