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About The Daily Toreador

The Daily Toreador (formerly The University Daily), its website,, DT mobile applications and social media operate under the Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs and is classified as a student organization. The newspaper, website, mobile applications and social media operate independently from any academic college as an independent collegiate media free from faculty, staff or administrative control. The Daily Toreador print and online editions, mobile apps and social media serve the campus community with guidance from professional media advisers.

The newsroom staff is comprised of 35 to 45 students representing all classifications and majors. Each staff member is dedicated to covering the Texas Tech campus and community in an aggressive, ethical and timely manner for print, web, mobile and social media.

DT Reporters

News, features and sports reporters are required to turn in at least one story each day from their assigned beats. Each reporter is assigned a beat or section of the campus/community to cover. Traditionally, news beats include:

  • Administration
  • Student affairs
  • Public affairs
  • Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  • Law school and graduate school
  • Each college within the university

To find out who covers your area or college, call 806-742-3393.

Editorial board members manage the staff and direct daily content for the newspaper, website, mobile apps and social media. Tech students create all stories, editorials, photographs, videos, slideshows and graphics. Neither the media advisers nor any other Tech employee dictate the content of the newspaper, website, mobile apps or social media. Responsibility for the editorial content of the print and online products resides solely with the student editors.

The Daily Toreador’s Opinions page serves as a forum for the Tech community to voice opinions and viewpoints about current events and issues. The editorial board is responsible for writing editorials about campus, local, national and international issues.

The Daily Toreador has columnists whose columns appear regularly on the Opinions page. Guest columns and letters to the editor also are accepted. Columns, letters and artwork represent the opinions of their authors/creators and are not necessarily representative of the editorial board, Texas Tech University, its employees, its student body or the Texas Tech University Board of Regents.

The website also serves as a forum for opinions and viewpoints. Readers may go online and voice their perspectives about various topics of interest. Comments are reviewed by the online editor and may be deleted if found to be libelous or inflammatory.

Getting coverage in The Daily Toreador

The award-winning Daily Toreador strives to provide the broadest possible coverage of the Texas Tech community. Have something you’d like to see in the paper? Send a news release or contact us.

Whenever possible, please provide advance notice (at least two or three days) of planned campus events.

Letters to the editor and guest columns

Letters to the editor are accepted for publication on the Opinions page. To be considered for publication, letters must:

  • Be signed. Anonymous letters will not be accepted for publication.
  • Be no longer than 250 words.
  • Include the author’s name, signature, address and phone number (phone number and address are needed for verification only; this information will not be published).
  • Include information pertaining to author’s university affiliation (classification, major, organization, etc.).
  • The editor reserves the right to edit letters.

Letters may be dropped off at the newsroom, Room 182, Media & Communication Rotunda, sent via e-mail or submitted through
Guest columns also are welcome and may be submitted to the opinions editor.

News/photo tips

Know of something interesting going on at Texas Tech that you think others might want or need to know about? Contact us:
806-742-3393 (newsroom) or


Promote your business, event or organization by advertising in The Daily Toreador print, web or mobile editions. Download The Daily Toreador advertising rate card at or call 806-742-3384.