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Academic Support Services

Academic Testing Services

(806) 742-3671

Academic Testing Services is an approved / recognized national testing site. It is involved from the beginning of the prospective students' admission requirements, and continues as an integral part of each student's academic progress through graduation; including graduate admissions and professional certification/licensure requirements.

Under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, students with documented learning, mechanical, mobility, or visual disabilities may be eligible for various accommodations in classroom and testing situations. Eligible students should discuss their specific needs with each instructor at the beginning of each academic term. The instructor may choose to provide the requested accommodations within the appropriate academic department or may allow the students to take tests in Academic Testing Services' West Hall facilities.

The Learning Center

(806) 742-3664

The Learning Center offers a wide variety of services designed to increase students' effectiveness as well as enabling them to get the most out of their education.

Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Tutoring & Study Center

(806) 742-2566

The Tutoring & Study Center is a free tutoring service provided by the Department of Mathematics & Statistics. Originally named the Missouri Club, the Tutoring & Study Center in Room 106 has been a resource for students for many years. All tutors are undergraduate or graduate math majors able to help you with your mathematics coursework. .

Student Counseling Center

(806) 742-3674

The Student Counseling Center (SCC) supports the university learning environment by providing proactive educational programs, timely consultation with faculty and staff, quality supervision and training, and the highest standard of care in the provision of psychological services.

University Career Services

(806) 742-2210

The Career Center assists students in career advising, offers SIGI+ computerized career guidance system, helps with internships, holds job fairs and career days, conducts on-campus interviews with hundreds of employers, assists with resume writing, and has a referral system for employers.

University Writing Center

(806) 742-2476

Committed to teaching and the advancement of writing-related knowledge, the University Writing Center provides the highest standard of excellence in writing education, fosters intellectual and personal development of both its staff and clients, and stimulates meaningful research and service to Texas Tech University, its surrounding communities, and its future students.