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Allen Theatre House & Stage Dimensions

House Dimensions

Total Seating Capacity
  • 968 Seats
  • Continental Style
  • 8 handicapped seating areas
House Dimensions
  • 90’ wide x 75’ deep (from front of apron to rear of house wall).
  • Non Union (Student Technicians)
Handicap Access
  • There is wheelchair access into the theatre, located house left and house right.

Stage Floor

Stage Floor
  • Resiliently mounted sub floor consisting of (2) layers of 1/2" plywood, covered with flat-grain, tongue and grooved, 25/32" Yellow Pine, and stained black.
  • NO attachments to the stage floor are allowed.
  • Trap area is 16'-0” deep starting, 5'-2" up stage of plaster line, and 16'-0” wide.  There are 12 trap units, 4' x8'.  Contact the Manager of Theatre Operations if use of floor traps is needed.

Stage Dimensions

Height is adjustable via the Grand Teaser  
Height (maximum) 19'
Width (maximum) 52’
Plaster Line To
Back of house (sound control booth) 87'-0"
D.S. edge of orchestra pit 12'
Last fly line 40'
First F.O.H. lighting beam position 40'-0"
Second F.O.H. lighting beam position 55'-6"
Front Box boom top 40'-6"
Rear Box boom top 50'-6"
Stage Center Line To
Fly rail   42'-4"
Company switch 41'-10"
Stage Level To
House floor 3'-6"
Fly gallery  20'
Loading bridge  41'6"
Gridiron 46'
Fly Height 42'6"
House Center Line To
Near Portals 36'10"
Far Portals 37'4"
Orchestra Pit
Front to Rear 12'6"
Width (left to right) 50'
Trap style covers.  

Dressing Room Information

Dressing Rooms
  • All dressing rooms are below stage level, accessible by two staircases (SR and SL).  There are NO elevators to the dressing rooms.
  • Each dressing room accommodates 18 to 25 people.
  • They are equipped with mirrors, makeup lights, chairs, tables, and wardrobe racks.
  • Bathrooms adjoin dressing rooms.  A Shower is located at the rear of each bathroom.
  • Center Basement Area
  • Washer / Dyer (1 set)
    NOTE: Prior approval from the Allen Theatre Management Staff must be obtained.
  • Rolling costume racks are available upon request.
  • Quick Change Booths (none)

Loading Dock / Receiving Bay

  • Loading dock is located on the east side of the building just west of Boston Avenue on Akron.
  • Loading dock is at stage level
  • Loading dock doors open into SR wing
  • There is no on site parking. Arrangements must be made, in advance, with the Manager of Theatre Operations for use of loading dock area.
  • Dock doors (open onto loading area) 7’11” (width) X 10’ 9” (height)
  • Dock height 3' 8" (height)

Architectural Designer: Atcheson & Atkinson, Texas
General Contractor: H. C. Lewis, Texas
Opening Date: September 1976


Allen Theatre