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Posting Spaces

Campus Posting Locations

1-Agriculture Science 1-Library
1st floor hallway Must be approved in Room 308
On bulletin board near copiers
1-Animal & Food Science
By bathroom of COWamongous 4- Media & Communication
Classroom building laminate tapeboards available on basement - third floors
On the ground floor
1- Mathemics
1-Art Basement (Outside Room 6)
Lower Level across from Visial Resource Center by Room B10
2-Biology Posters need to be approved by Room 101
Must be approved by front desk in Rm 108 1 across from Room 101
Bulletin Board Lobby, on the 1st floor 1 on 1st floor across from labs
Biology Routunda on the Wall
1-Plant Sciences
Business Administration (See website for instructions!) West Entrance Email PDF file to
  1- Psychology
1-Chemistry Leave with secretary in the main office
Inside main entrance
1- Range and Wildlife
1-Civil Engineering In the 2nd floor hallway
1st floor South end between rooms 178-190
1-Recreation Center
1-Electrical Engineering Main entrance
1st floor South Wing
22- Residence Halls (Wiggins Complex)
2-English & Philospohy Leave with front desk (West side of the Building)
1st Floor- North Wing by main stairwell * Allow 3 days for posting
1st Floor- West Wing
1-Foreign Language  
1st floor on the chalk bulletin board
2-Student Wellness Center
2- Holden Hall 1 board on each floor, end of hallway
1 on any bulletin board by room 104
1 on any bulletin board by rooms 75-77 4-Student Union Building
 2- poster size (22x28). Take to Activities office (Rm 020) to be posted.
  1-3rd Floor by Student Legal Services
1-Human Sciences 1 by vending machines 1st floor
Temporary Stand by vending machine on 1st floor  
1-Law School  
Mail to MS 0004