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Return this form no later than 6 University working days prior to your event.
NOTE: You Must apply to use non-Forum Area space for free expression activities.

Date Received: Meeting Date: Registered SO:
Sponsoring Organization:
Applicant Name:
Address: City, State, Zip:
Day Phone: Alternate Phone:
Email Address:
Date(s) of Requested Use:
Requested Location:
Beginning Time(s): Ending Time(s):
Event Name: Expected Attendance:
Purpose of Solicitation (if applicable):
Amount to be charged:                         per :
Attach exact copy of T-shirt, hat, etc. design that will be used on items for sale or bring one for us to view.
For what purpose will the proceeds be used?
Activity Description (Please describe what you will be doing at the requested location. Add additional page if needed.)
Sponsoring Organization/Department
The sponsoring organization agrees to abide by all pertinent University conditions and regulations pertaining to Grounds Use and/or Solicitation requests at Texas Tech University as highlighted in Part VII and/or Part VIII of the Student Handbook (view at www.studentaffairs.ttu.edu).
I, certify on behalf of that this Grounds Use/Solicitation Request meets the requirements of the Student Affairs Handbook, Part VII/Part VIII.

 Applicant  Signature          Date                            Advisor Signature& Phone          Date                
Return to: Center for Campus Life 201 Student Union (MS 5014), Fax 742.0138
Questions? Call 742-5433