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The Office of Sustainability traces its beginnings to September 2008 when Texas Tech University was recognized by the Sierra Club... in the wrong way. Awarded a failing grade for lack of eco-initiatives, Texas Tech vowed to do better. A lot better.

University administrators began laying the groundwork to formalize sustainability efforts. The result was creation of the Office of Sustainability by University President Guy Bailey in August, 2010. The office concentrated on engaging students' environmental concerns and promoting sustainability on campus.

In 2012 a change in Senior Administration and Office of Sustainability personnel also brought about a change in the Office of Sustainability's primary function. In addition to promoting campus-wide sustainability efforts, the Office of Sustainability began proactively researching new technologies, coordinating interdepartmental sustainability efforts, and taking a more active role in formation of policy and long-terms goals at Texas Tech. Those efforts are ongoing.

The Office of Sustainability is part of the Operations Division, allowing us direct involvement in day-to-day campus operations resource efficiency efforts. It also gives us the opportunity to interact with the entire campus on a daily basis.

Part of our goal is unification of campus sustainability efforts under the SustainTECH program. SustainTECH was designed to be the public face for sustainability at Texas Tech. Any office, department, or entity can become a SustainTECH partner by simply asking. The only requirement is a demonstrable effort to positively affect sustainability on campus. It could be as straightforward as a bottle collection bin, or as elaborate as an office recycling day. Growth of the SustainTECH program means recognition for, excitement about, and growth of sustainability efforts at Texas Tech.  Visit the SustainTECH page for more information.

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