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Marcus Banasik, PhD

Research Interests: Cost of Quality, Renewable Resources, Systems Management, Process Improvement, and Engineering Economics.
Luis Barroso, PhD
Department Head of Engineering at ITESM-CCV

Research Interests:
Hisham Besheer, PhD
Usability Engineer, Dell.

Research Interests: N/A

Dissertation Title: The technology imprint and its effects on technology frequency of use
Ana Maria Canto, PhD
Current Job Title, Company (or School)

Research Interests:
Yu-Fang David Chiu, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial and System Engineering
Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan

Research Interests: Engineering economics, Quality management and engineering, Production management, Engineering and technical management
Cheng-Chu Chiu-Wei, PhD
Research Engineer

Research Interests: Engineering Economics (Green Economics), Cost of Quality, Quality Assurance, Life Cycle Assessment, Engineering Management, Production Engineering, and Green Manufacturing.
Eduardo Cordero, PhD
Research Assistant

Research Interests: operation research, engineering economic, game theory, logistic and statistics
Jeff Hanson, PhD
Current Job Title, Company (or School)

Research Interests:
Andrea Gamret Jackman, PhD
Senior Analytics Consultant, IBM Business Analytics & Optimization

Research Interests:
Wind Science & Engineering, Disaster Management, Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning
  Irene Jiun Yun Jian, PhD, AHFP
HFE Professional

Expertise: Human factors engineering, Cognitive engineering, Experimental psychology, Occupational safety

Dissertation Title: An analysis and theoretical development of mental learning curves
Michael LarraƱaga, PhD, PE, CIH, CSP
Simplex Professor and Department Head,
School of Fire Protection and Safety, Oklahoma State University

Research Interests: Indoor Environmental Quality, Industrial Hygiene, Heat Stress, Safety Engineering, Fire Safety Engineering

Dissertation Title: Capability of a solid-sorbent desiccant at removing indoor air quality related microorganisms from the air
Wen-Ruey Lee, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration
Kun Shan University, Taiwan

Research Interests: Quality management, Production management, Reliability engineering, Engineering economics, Technology management
Daniel McGrath, PhD

Research Interests:
1) Design, performance measurement, and improvement of aggregated systems with compounded variation.
2) Extension of data analysis methods from natural environment applications to production management (i.e., scientific management).
Ean Harn Ng, PhD
Research Engineer

Research Interests: e
ngineering economics analysis, engineering management, engineering education and organization behavior and performance
Pilar Pazos, PhD
Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University

Research Interests: Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, Collaborative Learning, Group Decision Making and Performance, Virtual Teams, Team Dynamics, Engineering Education, Applied Statistics.
Angela Sandoval, PhD
Human Factors Engineer, Senior Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Labs
Email N/A

Research Interests: Software usability, decision making, situation awareness

Dissertation Title: Situation awareness and decision making in a military peacekeeping task environment
James Simonton, PhD, PE
Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University

Research Interests: Systems and engineering management, engineering economics, textile engineering, facilities engineering and manufacturing management
Maricarmen Temblador, PhD
Research Assistant

Research Interests:
1) Optimization using statistic techniques such as design of experiments, regression analysis, and statistical process control tools.
2) Interactive management, Systems Design and Systems Engineering approaches to participative decision making
Natalie Waters, PhD
Research Assistant | Teaching Assistant

Research Interests: Knowledge workers, Knowledge management, teams, engineering management, and systems engineering