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Additional TSI Information

TSI Holds
Once admitted to Texas Tech University, the TSI Student Compliance Office (West Hall, Room 117) will place a registration hold on any students whose records indicate absent THEA scores and/or proof of exemption on file.
The TSI Developmental Education Office (Holden Hall Room 78) will place a registration hold on any student's records that show the student has not met TSI score requirements on one or more sections of the test. The hold will remain until the student is certified as TSI complete.
The above mentioned holds are to ensure students are registered in the appropriate developmental courses and that compliance with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is being met. Each registration must include a developmental program that is set up during a TSI advisement session (required before registration) in the TSI Developmental Education Office (Holden Hall Room 78). After the initial appointment students will continue advisement for any enrollment change (registration, add/drop, withdrawals) on walk-in basis with the TSI Academic Program Advisor. Once students are certified as TSI complete the registration holds will be removed and the TSI restrictions on registration will be lifted.

Students may appeal withdrawals when extenuating circumstances exist by picking up an Appeal of Withdrawal form in Holden Hall Room 78.

Family Education Right to Privacy (FERPA)
TSI abides by FERPA regulations, and cannot release and student infomation without student consent.