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TSI Advising:
The Texas Administrative Code Title 19 Part 1 Chapter 4 Subchapter C requires participants in the Texas Success Initiative to participate in a program “to advise the student regarding developmental education necessary to ensure the readiness of that student in performing freshman-level academic coursework.” The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Advisor and/or TSI Assistant Director works with each student to determine a plan for academic success which includes but is not limited to developmental education coursework.
Every student will have a plan for academic success that includes:

  1. Opportunity for success in freshman-level academic coursework
  2. Provide the student a description of necessary developmental education coursework
  3. Provide the student a measurement for success

Absence Policy:
As stated throughout the Texas Success Initiative Developmental Education Plan, students who test but do not meet the passing scores in ALL section of the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) or any other Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) approved testing measurements are required by Texas Administrative Code Title 19 Part 1 Chapter 4 Subchapter C, Texas Success Initiative to obtain TSI advising and continuously enroll in a formal developmental education program until all TSI requirements are satisfied. Students must enroll in and attend a developmental education as arranged by the TSI Developmental Education Office. TSI program attendance is MANDATORY. Non-compliance with the rules of attendance will result in a student being withdrawn from Texas Tech University. Withdrawals are subject to University policies as set forth in the Undergraduate Catalog. Students may appeal withdrawals when extenuating circumstances exist by picking up an Appeal of Withdrawal Procedure form in Holden Hall Room 78 within 5 university business days of the last obtained absence. The written appeal, along with appropriate documentation, must accompany the Appeal of Withdrawal form and be returned to Holden Hall 78 before the five university business days have expired. The FINAL day to turn in an appeal is the LAST day of class. If the TSI Developmental Education class is not on your schedule the first day of classes, the course will be added by the TSI Developmental Education Office and you are required to attend the course. Check your schedule frequently during this time.
Rules of Attendance:

  1. Attendance in a TSI required developmental education class is MANDATORY.
  2. A tardy is defined as arriving between 10 and 29 minutes after class has started. For example, if class begins at 10:00 am and you arrive at 10:11 am, you will be counted tardy. After receiving three tardies, you will accumulate an absence.
  3. Attendance is documented through daily roll sheets by a method that the instructor chooses.
  4. The TSI Developmental Education Office will notify students of all recorded absences reported by instructs on a weekly basis and one courtesy warning e-mail notification will be sent to the students’ current TTU e-mail address when the student accrues an absence. A final courtesy notification will be sent when a student meets or exceeds the absence limit. Failure to receive mail is no excuse for not complying with the Attendance Policy. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain correct and current e-mail and local and permanent addresses with the TSI Office.
  5. The total number of absences for a student does not reset when an appeal is approved.
  6. ONLY 5 absences are allowed during the semester. Any excess of 5 absences will require an appeal with the TSI Developmental Education Office in Holden Hall Room 78.