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TSI Courses

Texas Tech University provides the courses listed below for students who are required to complete a developmental education program:

Developmental Literacy:

TSI 0204Developmental Literacy I
TSI 0304Developmental Literacy II

TSI 0305Developmental Literacy for ESL


TSI 0202Developmental Mathematics II: Beginning Algebra
TSI 0302Developmental Mathematics III: Intermediate Algebra

Any students enrolled in courses beginning with "TSI" are billed $50; the students do not earn credit hours, and the courses do not apply toward a degree plan.

"C" or Better Courses

Once students have completed remediation , they are eligible to register for the state approved "C" or better courses listed below. If students succeed in these courses with a "C" or better, they are declared "TSI Complete".

DevelopmentalAny political science or history courses.
Literacy:         ENGL 1301
          ENGL 1302

Mathematics:Any math course.

Students who have passed any of the TSI approved tests may begin the next semester without mandatory developmental education. Students who re-take one of the TSI approved tests and pass will be declared "TSI Complete" and will not have to complete the current registered remedial course, but are responsible for remaining TSI coursework in subsequent enrollment periods.